(33) A Dragoon With A Quest

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     Kain crashed back into the ground with deadly force. The very earth trembled with the force of his landing. He wasted no time, crouching again and leaping into the air faster than an arrow. He soared for a good mile before crashing down again and leaping another estimated mile.

  He had been doing this for hours, the burning sun in the sky showed no mercy, even under his dragon helm, the heat was unbearable. He had at least covered twenty leagues, his legs felt like lead as he dashed through the everlasting Dark Forest. The gloomy, forest was covered with sharp vines, gnarled tree roots, a maze of tall, thick trees and shrubbery. The tall trees rose to the sky like pillars, their large thick leaves and countless branches blocked off any sunlight, making the night infinite. As if the roaming predators and abominations residing in the dreaded forest knew of the skills and danger of fighting Kain, they kept a distance away from him. After all, he was one of the legendary heroes.

   And perhaps the only one alive, who can match that fiend Velgar’s. Saran has other responsibilities, and is lacking the mean necessary to strike him down full power. King Arthur Blamez is skilled, but old. He won’t be fast enough to dodge the blunt of all of Velgar’s deadly attacks. The young one whom Saran is training, Aeron I presume. He doesn’t have enough skills to take him down. And me. . .  I am just running away like a coward. But I will extract my vengeance on the man. I will take his life, as soon.  ..as I manage to overcome my shadows. Taking on the Shadow King - the ruler of the Shadow-Walkers-  would be foolish if you possess an ounce of darkness in your heart.

    “Which, I do,” Kain growled angrily out loud. He leapt again, soaring through the clear sky, skyrocketing from the darkness of the forest and relishing in the bright sunlight in the sky. It didn’t last for long as he plummeted back inside the forest. The earth shook as he landed. It took a tremendous amount of energy to manage one jump, that can make you fly as high as the moon in the max. Managing to leapt thirty feet alone, considered small to the dragoons.


  “I will bring vengeance to you, Velgar! And revive the downfall of my noble clan. Even if I bring hatred to my vengeance, you will fall, you demon! I will tear you limb from limb!” He roared. But first, he had to protect Saran’s son from Akranhor. But the assassin won’t sit back idly and wait for Kain to get there. News reached to the Empire fast, and there would be no doubt, Velgar would here of his coming. And he won’t sit back either. They’ll both be coming at him with full force, and the most feared villains of Astrania aren’t called that for child’s play. Both of them joining forces wasn’t a good omen. He only hoped the boy would be able to hold his own. At least until he got there. He was almost to the docks of Murnon. The place would be filthy with those ogres and trolls.

  His name would bring great fear to the place, using that to his advantage he can pressure someone there for information. The goblins were close, hiding in their sewers of a cave. If the boy was smart, he would avoid the Kingdom of Uraemorn and the goblins. He would try to sneak in between while keeping a distance from both. Knowing this the goblins had sprung an ambush so they can catch any stupid traveler, rob them then eat them alive. One of the many ways they were crooked and evil.

    That King Galgorbrith was old and cunning, but he was no fool. No doubt the boy had probably gotten trapped in the Goblin King’s ambush.

 Kain hoped the Goblin King still remembered Prince Pentus. Then again it was long ago, when the boy was probably a toddler, then again. How could you forgot the boy who almost poked your eye out with a sword? During the worldwide celebration ceremony of the heir to Cathel’s throne and Vazguerd’s perhaps future leader’s birth, all the Kings and Queens excluding Velgar were invited to the celebration. The royal ceremony lasted months, during King Galgorbrith’s invitation where he was forced to hold the prince and bless him with a glorious future, he had grumbled insults about the brat and refused, instead spitting on him a twisted and horrendous future. The aghast Crystaine, had given Pentus his father’s sword where he attempted to poke the Goblin King’s eye out. Ever since then some mutual hatred has grown between them.


         If he did, he wouldn’t be foolish enough to kill him and start a war between Calarant, Vazguerd, and allied nations against the goblins? Or would he?

   Kain shook the thoughts from his troubled mind. He would have to pay King Galgorbrith a visit to gather more information then pointed towards the right track he would have to find the boy. Again, he hoped he would be able hold his own.

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