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"Hey, Jeon!" A very loud and irritated voice yelled out, the hallways's attention going on the speaker.

The said male turned his head back, glancing at who called his name when he saw an infuriating senior.

If this was a cartoon, smoke would be coming out of his ears.

He was mad, alright, and who wouldn't be when your girlfriend just screwed the frat boy.

Jungkook wasn't afraid of him, though. Keeping his cool, he walked back up to him at the end of the hallway, leaning on a locker.

"Yes, Choi?" He grinned innocently, tilting his head at the growling latter.

"Did you rape my girlfriend?" He spat, venom spewing out of his mouth as his breathing raised his chest up and down.


The brunette almost puked.

She can lie to get attention and shit, but rape? Damn, that's too far.

He thought as his smile vanished

"Rape? The fuck you think this is, a gang?" He hissed back, now mad at the accusation of something horrible he didn't even do.

"Don't catch an attitude with me, freshmeat. Know your fucking place."

Now the whole hallway was quiet, every student silently whispering against each other as fear clouded their eyes.

The other male just scoffed, rolling his eyes sassily.

"What you gonna do about it, old man?" He smirked, knowing how much he was pushing his limits.

"This—" Minho paused himself as he hurled a surprise punch towards he boy, everyone gasping.

Jungkook dodged it, laughing dryly as he rolled his head.

In reality, he was terrified. The jock was huge, probably ten times bigger than him.

God dammit, I should've controlled my hormones.

The brunette flipped him off quickly before dashing away, hitting a few people and lockers on the way.

The only thing he heard was, "Get him!"

He pushed open the doors, sprinting across the campus as everyone looked at him with shock.

The bell rung in the distance, followed by nearing footsteps, probably belonging to Minho and his posse.

Nearly tripping over the sidewalk, and some university students along the way, he made it to two doors entering the building again.

Jungkook turned his head back, smiling at the far distance between them and reached for the door handle.

But it wouldn't budge.

Come one, god dammit, Open!

As if on cue, a teacher opened the door from the inside and he breathily thanked the shaken women as he ran inside.

"No running in the halls, mister!"


The brown eyed boy made his way upstairs, his heart beating faster every step he took.

To his dismay, he could still here the blonde football player not too far downstairs as their footsteps shook the ground.

Panicking, he tried to open any room door but they were all locked.

Storage rooms. Of course.

Jungkook scampered down the empty, dark hallway, eyes darting around to find an empty, unlocked room to hide in.

Almost giving up, there was a door called, Dressing Room, which was probably for the play, and without thinking straight walked in.

It was unlocked, thank god.

He closed the door, sliding down on it as he finally breathed in relief.

Damn. I ran faster than Usain Bolt on a hot day.

The brunette gazed around the room, closets filled with clothing for the upcoming play, and jerseys for the sports teams.

It was pretty, bland, to the say the least.

He checked his phone's time. 12:33.

I would be having Bio right now. Thank the heavens.

A banging on the door caught him off guard, followed by a series of howling.

"Open the fuck up, Jeon!" Minho roared, smacking the glass door brutally.

Jungkook winced, quietly as possible getting up from the door and making his way to one of the closes closets.

If I hide in here, no one would know.

It was a suit for last year's homecoming. A giant bear mascot.

He cringed at the awful smell, closing the doors soundlessly.

His body ached with boredom, standing there for what seemed like hours.

Finally, the banging was gone and it became pin drop silent.

A shaky breath of relief emitted from his mouth but he knew the other was never gonna forget about this.

Jungkook leisurely backed into the closet, gaze held onto the doors.

He kept walking until he felt the end, or what he thought it was.

His back slumped into the hard, strangely rugged wall as he checked the time again.



It can't be the same exact time??

Jungkook tilted his head confusingly and furrowed his brows.

Maybe something was wrong with his phone.

He went to put it back in his pocket, shaking his head.

But instead, he felt something brush by his fingers.

Slipping the phone in, he attempted to grab the object.

Feeling it around, he yanked it towards his face

It was hard to see because of the dark, but it was long and bumpy.

It seemed to also have a trigger on it.

Holy shit.

The brunette's quivering hand drawer out his keys with an attached flashlight.
Bringing it up closer, he flipped the switch and gasped, nearly choking on his spit.

His heart almost stopped beating

In his hands, was in fact, a handy dandy gun.

A gun??

What the fuck is a gun, doing in a closet??


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