Chapter 7: Unwanted Change

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"I agree, she's been that way since we were kids, she is a lost cause General," Shiloh added, "I mean her selfishness will be our downfall."

"Look boss," Chelsea said as she finally entered the conversation, "let's just send her to Isolation and move on to solving the actual problem at hand! We're clearly wasting our time with Skyler!"

"Isolation? What the hell do you mean by that Chelsea?" Skyler asked as she raised her voice.

"Are you really that daft? Wait don't answer that, you're just a simple dancer, isolation is a word that's probably too complicated for you to understand!"

"Are you saying that I'm stupid?"

"No I'm actually implying that you're a secret genius and that you are the secret weapon we've been waiting for all these years," Chelsea sarcastically replied.

"Okay, THAT'S IT!" Skyler exclaimed as she got ready to pounce on Chelsea.

"Oh you done done it now Chelsea," Shiloh said in a sing song voice.

"Guys calm down,"  Melanie pleaded, "this is a serious matter and the both of you are acting like kids!"

"Skyler if you make the slightest movement towards Chelsea, I will really consider sending you to Isolation," General Williams warned, "and Chelsea, you will remain silent for the rest of the meeting! Do we have an understanding?" Both Skyler and Chelsea nodded indignantly. "Good now both of you please sit down!"

"So what's next?" Skyler asked after a few minutes of awkward silence, "how long will it take you people to 'help' me? I can't stay long because I have a job to get to soon. I'm..."

"Choreographing the dance for the hip hop theatrical representation of Romeo and Juliet, we know. But unfortunately, you won't be going to do that now," the General said. Shiloh glanced Skyler uneasily, she knew that her sister would not take that bit of news well.

"WHAT? What do you mean by I won't be doing that now. I signed the contract! I dance and choreograph for a living. You can't take that away from me," Skyler burst out.

"I can and I did, they've already found your replacement. You are not going anywhere Skyler Ortega. You work for me now."

"And when did you decide that!" Skyler fired back.

"I decided it the moment you decided to play hero! It's no use fighting this Skyler, if you leave now we will be forced to take action and you will have no future, no nothing!" the General said sternly. Skyler looked at the General with unforgiving eyes and the slammed her fist on the table and in an instant the table broke in half.

"You know that table was made out of teak wood," Ben commented.

"This is why you need to stay Skyler, we can help you," Melanie said.

"I don't want your H..." Skyler couldn't finish her sentence as Shiloh injected a sedative into Skyler from behind and Skyler immediately fell to the floor.

"Wow these things work fast! Great backup plan Agent Stone!"

"Ben take her to her quarters. Shiloh it's up to you to convince her to stay willingly otherwise you know what I will be forced to do to her. The only person she will listen is you. Use the fact that you are from the same family to your advantage."

"Yes General," Shiloh said as she watched Ben almost drag Skyler away. "My sister will stay, you have my word."


Skyler woke up on a comfortable bed. She immediately remembered what happened and got up in an instant. She looked around the room, it had a bathroom, a closet and table with a tablet on it. Just then her door slid open and Shiloh entered the room.

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