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574 views and 37 votes? Okay, how? I only expected this story to get about maybe 40 views. I'm honestly so happy and actually proud of myself for the first time in my life. I have no clue if you really enjoy this story but I hope you do. I also think I scared you into not commenting on this story in my first A/N which is something I didn't want y'all to be afraid of. I would love if you guys want to comment on my story. I would appreciate if you guys want to suggest other story's I could possibly write or idk something. Anyways I really am so happy that you guys want to read this story and I can't wait till I publish the new book. I appreciate you people's so much and I kinda hope that the new story will also be loved. I also want you to know that I'm in a play and I'm preforming it on March 18 to the 23. So I will most likely miss those posting day and also might miss the other days because of rehearsals. That's only if this book is still continued at that point. But back to the main reason I wrote this A/N. Thank you so much for the views and  votes! I couldn't be more happier, so thank you! Enjoy the new chapters on Thursday!

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