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I walk into Nono square Highschool/ combination with Wawa
It's my first day, and I'm already late.
I walk in to my first class and see an empty seat.
"Do you mind if I sit here?" I asked.
A girl turned over and I immediately fell in love
She looked Italian with brown hair, brown eyes, and a Brian May t shirt with skinny jeans.
"Sure, My friend Joie has like coochie cancer aids so you can sit here my nibba"
I giggled and sat down next to her
"I'm y/n"
"Nice to meet you dawg, I'm Ty."
Our conversation got interrupted by our teacher talking.
"Hello everyone, today we have a new student, y/n l/n"
I semi cringed, I hated my last name, everyone compared it to a piece of kitchenware or a chalkboard.
"Your last name is pretty epic." Ty said with a smile.
"Thanks!" I replied.
"Which class do you have next?"
"Mr. Taylor" Ty crossed her legs.
"Oh! Same" I said back
Then, we held hands walking out the class door.
This schoolyear wasn't gonna be as bad as I thought.

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