Enchanted Forest

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When we all woke up there was 2 woman who found us and now are keeping us prisoner. They where riding on horses and Emma, Snow and I were tied to the horse with ropes. Just pulling us along which was getting really annoying really fast.

‘’What is this place?’’Snow asked

‘’Our home’’

I saw a island ahead of us, all i could see was a  huge tower on the island.  Great. We got to a tiny village and they untied us from the horse but still had us tied by our hands.  Everyone was staring at us as we walked through the village. There weren't a lot of people but at the same time there was, but if the enchanted forest was destroyed and everyone was transported to Storybrook, then how they hell are these people here? How could they escape the curse?

‘’Its like there refugees’’Emma said

‘’We are survivors’’the one woman who looked like a warrior said. Snow turned to the one who looked like a princess and kneed her in the stomach.

‘’Run!’’she yelled and I took off running. I heard something being thrown and a body falling to the floor. i turned to look and saw snow laying on the ground, unconscious.

‘’Snow!’’I yelled.

‘’Mary Margret!’’Emma yelled and we both got on our knees on the ground beside her.  I turned her over and she was out cold.

‘’What the hell?’’I said looking at her

‘’Take them to the pit’’

The men grabbed onto me and I thrashed but it was no use. They dragged us away and down some stairs. They then threw Emma in a room and then me. I fell to the floor.

‘’You didn’t have to push me to the ground!’’I yelled and I glared at them. They threw snow in and then closed the door.

‘’Thanks for being careful!’’I yelled at them rolling my eyes and I looked back at my sister.

‘’Snow wake up’’I said pushing her shoulder softly.

‘’Do you need help?’’I heard someone say. The voice was strangely familiar.

‘’Who are you?’’Emma asked

‘’A friend’’the woman said. She walked closer and than I saw her face and I knew who she was.

‘’Cora’’I said

I haven't seen Cora in years. I was a little girl that last time I saw her. When Regina married my father. I don’t really remember her that much. I was about 11 when I last saw her.

‘’Roselina,Its nice to see you again’’she said smiling at me. I had nothing against her.

‘’Wait you two know each other?’’Emma asked and I nooded. I put my hand on snows forhead.

‘'Is she alright?’’Emma asked

''I think she will be fine''i said looking up at Emma.

‘’What is this place?’’Emma asked

‘’It’s a island our captures like to call there safe haven’’Cora said.

‘’Haven? From what?’’Emma asked

‘’This worlds dangerous. Whats left of it anyway’’Cora said

‘’They cant keep us down here. We didn’t do anything wrong’’Emma said

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