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"Hey Abby just came from-

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"Hey Abby just came from- ... What the health happened to you?," Liz comes into my room with some shopping bags, but stops at the sight of her older sister.


I'm in a depressed and miserable mood, so there I lay on my bed like Anna from Frozen when Elsa didn't want to play with her.

"A disturbing potato attack, that's what happened," I tell her staying in my position, only moving my head to look at her.

"Right cause I know the identity of potato," she rolls her eyes.

"Identity? Fine, I think I should reform my sentence. Jackson Roth happened to me,"

"WHAT?! Jackson Roth??!! What in the name of health, was he doing here?!," she yells.

Welcome to Hysteria. Although it's not everyday I talk to someone that popular, so she has the right to be in hysterics.

Wow, I sounded like such a loner now.

"He wasn't here. He's...our...neighbor," I scrunch my nose.

How I'm gonna survive this?

"Wait what?," she comes to sit down on my bed.
"Yup, Jackson potato Roth is our neighbor great huh?," I look at her.

"Is his brother's name Diego?," she asks faintly.
"Have a feeling," I smack my lips.

"Oh god," she mutters. And falls on her back on the bed.

On my legs.

"Elizabeth for Reese's Pieces that hurts!!," I scream.

She jumps up at my yelling.
I moved myself to the side, so she could lie down.

"This is not happening," she murmurs.
"I'm wishing the same thing the whole day," I chuckle.

"What's with you and Diego Roth anyways?," I ask. I mean she looked all shooketh when I said his name.

"We went to school together, you know how Jackson is popular? That's the same with Diego, we never talked which I was glad, I heard stuff about him so...I kept my distance," she explains.

The thing I always liked about Liz was that she was always truthful. In any situation.

She was simply the Nutella to my pancake.

No, actually I want to be Nutella, Liz will be the pancake.

I'm a nice innocent human being.

"And what's your story with Mr. Cocky Potato?," she turns to me.

"How do you know that's the nickname I gave him?," I squint my eyes at her.
"I heard you saying that you'll summon the Demodogs upon him," she starts to laugh.

"You know how I sometimes get a sugar rush? Well, this time I got it in between my Queen list a-," Liz cut me.

"Let me guess you started dancing and singing with your 'beautiful' dance moves and voice and he saw it," she said her grin starting to look like Cheshire the cat.

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