04. the other side of heaven

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[ 04. the other side of heaven ]


When the doorbell rings, Jeongguk half expects it to be a package, but the second he opens the door he instantly freezes on the spot realizing it's not a package but a family.

Kim Taehyung and his family, to be exact.

Jeongguk swallows uneasily, his irises darting between the older man who seems to be in his forties on Taehyung's right and Rachel Kim, the woman clad in a more professional, conservative dress than what he has saw her in earlier. In the middle is Taehyung, and by the looks of it, is more put together than he was, his sandy locks properly combed and attire a simple white-button up and black slacks.

They look out of place in the suburbs, each member of the family exerting a particular sense of authority. It's different than the typical friendliness and warmth the locals present, yet somehow it's just as inviting - powerful - in an city businessman way, and with one teasing smirk from Taehyung, Jeongguk feels a chill ripple beneath his skin.

"Is this the Jeons' home?" The tallest man who looks much older flashes Jeongguk a dimpled smile that looks similar to Taehyung's. "Your mother invited us over for dinner."

"Oh she did?" Jeongguk chuckles lightly, briefly looking over his shoulder for any sight of his mother. Unfortunately, she's too busy in the kitchen, leaving Jeongguk to handle their surprising guests.

"Well then," He rubs his hands together to ease the nervousness surging in his veins, the edges of his lips folding into a shy grin, "come on and make yourselves comfortable then."

He doesn't miss the way he holds his breath when Taehyung passes by him, their shoulders brushing against one another's innocently yet he can't ignore how his heart races in the cavern of his chest. He gulps back the panic rising in his throat, shutting the door behind them and joining the Kims in the living room much to the uneasiness churning in his stomach.

Jeongguk's not good with older people, and
thankfully his mother and father have emerged from the kitchen, the duo already conversing with the Kims as though they're old friends that haven't seen each other in ages. On the other hand, his attention flits to where he notices Taehyung examining the row of picture frames on the wall, his stomach plummeting he Taehyung spends a little too long admiring an old picture of him.

"Son," His ears pick up his mother's sweet words, Jeongguk turning his gaze to his mom who's beside Rachel on the couch. She looks smaller, tiny besides Rachel's larger figure. His mom's the equivalent to a porcelain doll while Rachel mimicks some beach-side Barbie with plus-sized breasts from the city, though Jeongguk doesn't dare mention that out loud.

"Can you show Taehyung to your room? We'll call you both to supper," She smiles kindly, catching the attention of Taehyung from the other side of the room. The two of them make eyecontact, neither one saying a single word.

Jeongguk's breath hitches in his throat at her words. He's unsure whether he wants to be alone in the same room with Taehyung. After the little stunt he pulled in the janitor's closet, he can still feel Taehyung's touch on him, hot and electrifying. He can imagine the way his thumb brushes gently over his lip, those dark eyes of his staring into his own, a flicker of something he can't decipher glowing hazily in his irises.

But somehow, his thoughts manipulate the memory into something more illicit, sinful the longer he stares at Taehyung. He pictures the boy's hands caressing his cheek, his breath tickling his skin as he leans closer, plush lips a fraction away from touching his own. It feels oh-so real when Taehyung's other hand settles on the dip of his hip, squeezing the extra flesh beneath his massive hands-

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