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Van Helsing's face turned dark,"Not only did he took my honor, but also the most precious thing in my life."

I waited for him to continue, but he only turned around, back to Lora and Connor. He made me curious to know his reason, "Just tell me, damn it!"

"That is not your problem anymore."

"What do you mean?"

Connor came forward,"Never mind, you will go back home tonight. We take care of the rest."

"Stop talking nonsense, that is insane!"

Lora shook her head, "Even if it is, that is not your concern."

My mind was full of questions, I simply didn't see the big picture to kill Dracula,"Lora,Connor, please tell me, what is going on?"

No one was ready to talk to me. Van Helsing prepared a group of men with guns, while Connor was leading them towards the hotel. Lora had to drive me to the airport. The big puppy was left alone in the forest.

"Isn't that a bit too much?" I asked, referring to my chained hands. She said that it isa precaution, in case I try to make a runner. But to do so, I needed clarity, "Come on Lora, just tell me." She stayed still, her eyes on the road. "We been friends for so long, we shared everything, even the most embarrassing secrets."

"It's not that simple."

"I know you can do better than that."

After countless attempts, she slowly began to explain, "Van Helsing had tried to kill Dracula for years. He wanted to trap him on his cruising ship, along with his grand daughter. But instead of his destruction, she and Dracula fell in love..."

All of sudden, she stopped talking.

I know I had to push her,"...and?"

"He...he killed her."

"...are you kidding me?!"

Her foot hit the brakes so hard, that the impact back in my seat had hurt.

"I am not kidding N/A!She was never found afterwards and Van Helsing received a letter that she was buried on the hotel grounds."

"What letter?"

Lora showed me the draw of where Van Helsing left it. With one glance at the handwriting, I realized...that this was meant to happen.

"...that is not true..."

"What?" Lora was still standing in the middle of the road, my words made her think different.

"This writing is from someone else...someone that wants to take revenge on Dracula."

"You mean...this never happened?"

I nodded. I remembered that Drac just got a letter from that woman. How can someone write a letter, if she is supposed to be dead? I opened the letter letter and inspected the content. Lora listened as I read out the words:

"Dear Drac,

I am sorry that I didn't answer to you for a long time. I know that our relationship didn't last for long, but I hope that you will find someone soon. I am still in Transylvania, trying to talk with other monster hunters about changing their point of views. Lets hope they will change their mind and be able to live with monsters in harmony. Even if you don't want to see me anymore, I just wish you the best of luck for the future.

Best wishes,

Erica Van Helsing."

Lora had finally returned to her old self, apologizing to me for all that happened.

"You can do that later Lora. We have to stop them."

"But how?"

"How?" I smiled wide, holding up the envelope, "with Erica of course. She is the only one that Van Helsing would listen to."

"And the other letter, about her murder?"

"That is not the problem of the humans, this is a fight between Drac and the vampire council. Lora can you get us to this address?" Thankfully, Erica left an address of where is it at. My best friend was back, fully motivated to do the right things, unfortunately, when this happens, her drivingskills get worse.

"Where the hell did you get your license from?!"

"That is for me to know and for you to find out" she joked, drifting around the corner, towards the next village.

"I may not survive this if you keep speeding up!"

At the hotel was it a complete chaos.

The rumors of the vampire council terrifies all hotel guests. Drac needed a lot of nerves and a strong voice to calm them all down. Mavis and Jonny supported him, even though they didn't know too much about it. Once the atmosphere has cooled down, Mavis realized how long I have been gone, "Where is N/A and Tinkles?" "What do you mean honey?" "Tinkles took a letter for dad and ran out the main gates, N/Afollowed him." Drac noticed that later on, as he couldn't see me anywhere. Mavis told him about the current situation and about the letter from Erica. The count was ready to go after me, if there wasn't a certain figure blocking his way out. The entire looby turned silent, all candles and the fireplace have lost their flame. The building was turning cold. Fear came up to the monster's faces.

"Long time no see...Dracula."

The count's eyes turned dark, "Baron Drackmor."

Everyone knew Drackmor and his high position at the council. No one dared to make a single noise.

The Baron raised his arms, announcing his news loud, "Dear Monsters from all over the world. For your own safety, you should pack your bags and leave this place. Everyone who refuse to go, will face the consequences!"

Dracula stopped his own announcement, "Wait friends, the council has not right to destroy this place or threaten anyone in this place!"

"Drac, drac, you should know me better than that. This time, it was decided by the elders. They see you as a threat."

The count wanted to know as of why they see him as a threat. At that moment, his smartphone was buzzing. Drackmor couldn't suppress his laughter, "That is the reason! You are a disgrace from all vampires. Not only engaging with humans, but also using their devices."

Drac didn't pay attention to him talking, the message he received was a whole lot worse. It was a message from me. I wrote down that a group of monster hunters are on their way to the hotel.

The count was now in deep trouble. Not only did the council want the monsters out, but outside is a group of hunters waiting for them.

What can Drac do to save his family and guests?

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