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There was no time to lose.Baron's presence seem to have left some effect behind and this one was panic. The monsters were concerned about their safety, since the vampire council was known not to mess with. All members had a certain way of dress code, so it was easier to recognize them everywhere.Frank heard that he was looking for his friend Drac, he didn't like the sound of that. The Drac pack turned their heads, once Drac and I were in sight. We just got out of the elevator and the group ran towards us. "Is it true, do you have a problem with the council?!"snapped the invisible man, Griffin. "Do you know how dangerous they are?!" followed Murray the mummy right after. They all knew how good Drac is, but this really didn't make any sense to them. Drac tried his best to explain the situation, without telling them the whole story. During the conversation, I distanced myself and went towards the reception. Mavis was already waiting for me. She leaned closer to me and asked what was happening just now. Just like the count was trying, I did the same, only telling the important parts of the story, "They want this hotel gone. In their eyes, a vampire shouldn't own a job or even own a business."

"But it is our home"she said, not really believing me.

"Sorry Mavi, but this is the truth. They make no exceptions."

"What is dad doing about it?"

We both looked in his direction. He was arguing with Franky, while the rest seem to take Frank's side. I shrugged, "After this...nothing. He doesn't know what to do."

"There has go to be away to handle this."

"I don't see any. Talking wont help this situation."

Mavis eyes got wide,"Talking?"

I didn't like her smile, that got wider by the minute, "Oh no, don't even think about it. Stop it!"

Her next move creeps me out. Moving closer, she placed her elbows on the counter and her hands held her head. Her smiled didn't fade and her sing song voice didn't make it any better, "N/A~"

"What do you want?"

"Couldn't you talk to this Duckmoon?"

"Duckmor and no, I wont be part of this!"

Her pouty face didn't affect me, my answer was still no. Mavis used all her charm to persuade me to go, but I simply refuse to take part in this mess. During the argument, a zombie handed us a box of letters. For a minute, she gave me time to recover, while she went through the envelopes. One in particular, caught her eye, "Erica wrote a letter to my dad?" Not pleased to read her name, she wanted to throw it into the bin. I took it off her quickly, "Woah hold it. It is for your father."

"She is nothing but trouble N/A. It took him a long time to get over it."

"Still, it is his choice to throw it away."

Unlike Mavis, I don't know Drac that well. Even if it hurts him, he would still read it. The young Dracula didn't want this to happen and hoped to get this envelope out of my hands. But someone else beat her to it. We both stared at my hand, were the item was a minute ago. Behind me stoodDennis puppy, with something white in his mouth. Mavis shouted at the large thing, ordering him to spit out the letter. Afraid of the sharp tone, he ran out of the hotel. While the young Dracula was not able to leave the desk, I was the only one to follow this giant dog out the door. Drac didn't hear it, as his friends surrounded him,getting louder by the minute. They sure were angry at Dracula. At least it is one thing Mavis could help out with, since it is near by the reception.

I never knew how fast sucha large puppy with small feet could run like the wind. Not only did the darkness make it harder to see, but also the fog and trees are a nuisance. It was hard to keep up with that thing. Luckily, it stopped and began to sniff the air. With a few more steps, I was right beside him. The minute I grabbed the envelope from his mouth, the ground began to move. Before i know it, the puppy and I were hanging a few feet off the ground in a net. The trap was not meant for such a giant, since I was squished between rope and fur. Behind some trees appeared some shadows, slowing coming towards us. One seem to sound surprised though, "Hey what are you doing out here N/A?" I recognized the voice immediately, "Connor!"

"The one and only. Why are you out here? Sick of monsters already?"

"If I were, I wouldn'thave chased this big fur ball!" My comment must have hurt the puppy, as it began to whine loud.

"Shut up!" barked Connor.

But the dog refused. Lora came forward, ordering a few other men to get something. Not even a few minutes later, I was trapped in a cage with this puppy.

"You really know how welcome an old friend" I joked, referring to the trap.

"Sorry N/A. This is for your own safety."

I didn't understand Lora'swords, asking her to repeat herself.

Before could answer, a little thing headed towards us.

"You should be greatfull that we got you out there alive. Unlike my granddaughter."

Still not sure of what was going on, he turned towards Lora and Connor.

"Your friend should stay here till we finished our mission."

Connor was fully prepared to do his job, raising a gun up with joy, "Don't worry Van helsing. I will make him pay for what he has done."

I couldn't recognize my friends anymore. But to get clarity, I shouted over to the small man, "Excuse me, Mr. Van hell...dude."

His voice sounded annoying, while turning his head to me, "What do you want?"

"Care to tell me what is going on?"

He didn't seem to be in the mood to talk, but still..., "All you need to know, it that weare here to get revenge."

"Revenge on who?" I pushed.

"On Dracula!"

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