Dressing Room

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This is a work of fiction. Names, places, businesses, characters, and incidents are either the product of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events or locals is purely coincidental.


    "Why do we have to get new dresses again?" I ask for the millionth time, watching Beyoncé as she digs through the racks for something nice.

"Babe I'm only saying this one last time," she picks up a simple deep purple dress and adds it to the collection on her arm, "We need to for the family party. If we show up in something that any one of them has seen before, I'll never hear the end of it. It's just a family thing. And most of your dresses have a small food stain somewhere on them, just try on a few and pick one okay?"

I sigh loudly, grabbing any dress that looks relatively appealing and following her around the floor. A sales lady comes over with a bright smile, and I grimace and turn away. If Beyoncé is insisting on this, she'll have to put up with the grossly cheery people here.

"Hello ladies, could I get a room started for each of you?"

"Oh yes, but could you put us in the same one please?"

Beyoncé replies, using the tone that seems to make everyone melt for her. Her hand grabs the hangers I'm holding, combining them with hers.

"Of course darling, is it a best friend shopping day?"

She smiles back, and I try to hold in the snort but fail. Her eyes flicker to me for a second though chooses to focus back onto Beyoncé.

"Something like that. Shall we Nicki?" Beyoncé's hand grabs my arm and pulls me to following the lady.

"We can go get whatever you'd like for lunch, even that doughnut I saw you eyeing on the way in. Sound okay?" She whispers in my ear, and I smile slightly.

"Alright ladies, I'll give you the bigger one." The lady disappears into the room, hanging the dresses on the far wall. "Now y'all let me know if you need any help, alright?"

Beyoncé thanks her, locking the door right after she leaves. I pull off my shirt and begin to work on my pants when she lightly pushes me against the wall, kissing me hard. Her hands come up to grasp the my hips, thumbs rubbing soft circles on the exposed skin.

"God you're so beautiful," she breathes against my lips, a small shudder rippling through my body at the words. "I could just eat," her hand trails down to my center, pressing slightly over the fabric, "you up." She bites my lip hard, and I let out a small squeak.

"Bey, people could hear," I whisper, desperately willing my heart to slow down. She smirks, leaning down to kiss my neck softly.

"I guess you'll have to be quiet, because I can't wait to fuck you."

My knees give out, though she holds me up before we both fall. Before I register it her hands are lifting me up and moving me towards the bench, pulling my jeans off prior to setting me down.

She pulls her skirt up around her waist, revealing no underwear. My mouth slackens at the sight, breath hitching in my throat.

"Oh baby, you like what you see?"

She grinds herself down onto my thigh, letting her wetness spread over the skin heatedly. I bite my lip, trying to contain the moan that is threatening to escape.

"If you make any sound, I'm going to stop. Understand?" Her eyes glint with lust and suspicion.

I nod my head quickly then grabbing her waist to pull me against her. She leans back to pull her top off, unclasping the bra in a swift motion. My mouth latches onto a rosy nipple, swirling my tongue around it.

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