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Rose was in the labor giving birth prematurely to her baby daughter.

Doctor: "Push... Push rosanne... Push"
Rose: "I can't.... I can't I'm tired. Please TAKE IT OUT OF ME... PLEASEEEE"
[She screamed in pain]

Dejan was having an instinct that rose is near him. He was having the strong feeling.

He was worried for his mother.

Doctor: "Come on rose. You're a strong girl you can do this"
Rose pushed hard.
Doctor: "Come on a little more. Your baby girl is on her way"
Rose pushed harder.
Doctor saw a tiny head coming out.
Doctor: "She's here... I saw her head... Come on rose. You can do this, for your girl's sake"
Rose took deep breaths.
Rose: "I can't, oh i cant am tired"
[she cried]
Doctor: "Come on rose don't give up already"
She nodded yes.
She pushed again.
And this time, she fainted.


Doctor's moved on to do her operation to take the baby girl out.

*8 hours passed out*

Doctors succeed to deliver rose' daughter.

Dejan was sitting in the waiting room.

Just when a nurse showed up in front of him with a newborn in her arms.
The nurse was talking to the other nurse.

Nurse1: "so she's finally here. I heard her mother fainted while giving birth to her"
Nurse2:"Yes rosanne fainted. But thank god that the daughter and the mother are fine now. Am happy for them"

Dejan got stunned.

Nurse1: "Oh let me see. She is beautiful"
Nurse2: "She looks little much like her mother."
Nurse1:" wow may god bless them both, see ya later"
Nurse 2 nodded and was about to leave.

Dejan followed him.

Dejan: "Excuse me"
Nurse turned.
Nurse: "Yes?"
Dejan: "the patient you were just talking about.... M... May i know her full name"
Nurse: "Yes it is Rosanne Hillary i guess"

Dejan was shocked.
He looked at the baby girl.
Dejan: "She..."
[he pointed at the newborn]
Nurse: "She's her daughter. She's born just few hours ago. It was an premature delivery"
Dejan felt sorry for rose.

Dejan looked at the baby girl. The baby was just so beautiful and looked more like rose. Dejan was extremely happy to see her.

Dejan:" My daughter"
Nurse got shocked.
Nurse: "What?"
Dejan tried to take the baby from her but she refused to give her.
Dejan: "Do you even know who am i? I am Dejan Wincent. I can close this god damn motherfucking hospital if i want to. Give my daughter BACK TO ME"
[he yelled angrily]
The Nurse got scared and gave the baby to him.

He continued to admire the beauty of his newborn daughter.

Dejan thinking:
"She's just too beautiful, and I was an asshole who wanted to get rid of her. How could i, she's my daughter. Now i swear to myself i will never let no one hurt my daughter. I will kill who will try to harm my princess."

Few hours later.
The nurse came to inform about matilda's condition. Matilda was on her death bed.

Rose was unconscious on her bed.

Dejan cuddled the baby girl and found out about rose' room.

Rose woke up and was curious to see her daughter.

Rose to nurse: "Where is my daughter and how is she?"
[she asked worriedly]
Nurse: "Um...."

Just when the door opened and dejan walked in with the baby girl.
Dejan: "She's here"
Rose looked at Dejan.
She was shocked to see him.
Dejan slowly walked in and handed the baby to rose.
Rose forgot about Dejan and got lost to admire her daughter.
A tear fell from her eye.
Rose: "Oh my god. She's.... She's just so beautiful, I.... I can't believe i made her"
[she said crying]
Dejan chuckled.
Rose: "Did you see her..."
[she said getting overjoyed]
Dejan: "Yes I did. And she's the best just like her mother."
[he said looking in her eyes]
Rose looked at dejan.
Dejan:" am sorry rose. I know I don't deserve your forgiveness but please babe, please try and give me another chance. I promise i won't disappoint you. Please babe.... I need you, I have kicked everyone out of my life, just so I can be with you and our daughter. Please rose, I'm changed"
[he begged]
Rose was still crying.
She witnessed that dejan was crying too. She never saw dejan crying before because he was a man with a stone cold heart.
Dejan: "please babe, My mama is passing away, I need you and my daughter to be with me. I need you, please if you want than punish me. But don't leave me rosanne. Don't leave me"
[he cried in her lap]
She was holding their daughter.
She cried as well.
Rose: "fine"
Dejan slowly rised his vision and looked at rose.
He leaned forward to kiss her. She kissed back.
Dejan: "I love you"
Rose: "I love you too. What are we gonna name her?"
Dejan: "Regan... Regan Dejan wincent"
Rose smiled. They both kissed regan's forehead.

Few moments later.
As promised, Dejan took rose and regan to meet matilda.
Matilda looked at both of them and Cuddled regan.
She was happy. They all were happy.
Matilda was saved by the doctor. They all went back to the country and lived happily together. Dejan and rose loved each other and their daughter regan.

The end.

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