Chapter 15

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Dejan walked out of his mother's room.
Lionel followed him.
Dejan: "Get our visas ready. We're going to my hometown country."
[he said wiping his tears off]
Lionel:" Mrs. Wincent? "
[he replied as he followed him]
Dejan:" She's coming with me. And i want our visas ASAP Lionel. Or else you'll be accompanying Shawn in the heaven"
[he said with an intense voice]
Lionel got scared.
Lionel: "Yes boss"
And dejan left.

Dejan thinking:
"Enough is enough. I'm done with your silly hide and seek game rose. I'm coming for you and my baby. My mama have requested me something, and i never let go of my mother's words. She means the entire world to me. And even if her words mean I have to force you to be in a relationship with me, I will do that as well. I have not divorced you yet. You're still my property."

He asked his maids to pack his and his mother's bags.


Rose came back home. She was worried for herself and her child. Just when she recieved a text from an unknown number.

"I'm coming for you my love. And this time, I mean rosanne. Not maria. I may have done millions of mistakes, but that doesn't mean i will not comeback to claim what is mine. It is simple, what is mine is MINE. And about shawn, so yeah. Just FYI He's dead! Guess who's here."

Rose got scared as hell she dropped her phone.

Rose: "NO, no this can't be real. SHAWN CAN'T BE DEAD"

She cried the entire time.

Rose thinking:
"He's coming for me. No! I can't let that happen. After everything that he had done to me, HE CLEARLY DOES NOT DESERVE TO BE IN MINE NOR MY BABY'S LIFE. he's a bastard, he raped me, I made my pregnancy hell plus he made me hate myself. I cannot be with a guy like that. I have to do something. I have to leave, to someplace better."
[she said worriedly panicking]

                    *5 days later*


Lionel: "Boss the visas here."
[he said rushing inside dejan's cabin]
Dejan smirked.

Dejan:"we're gonna take off tonight"
Lionel nodded yes.


Dejan and his mother with their guards and dejan's best men went to his private jet and flew to dejan's hometown.

Dejan thinking:
"Just a little distant. I'm just a few miles away from you rose. I'll be there for you very very soon. I'm so happy. After almost 3 months I'm going to see you again. And this time i will make sure i will value you enough so you will never leave me. And soon we're gonna be parents, parents to.... Oh wait"

He texted to marcus, His source.

"what about the information I've asked for? "~ dejan
"I just got to know that information boss" ~marcus
"what is it?"~dejan
"A baby girl" ~Marcus.

Dejan got paralyzed for a minute.
A huge smile sticked to his face.
Dejan thinking:
"A baby girl.... My little girl is gonna be here soon.... I'm gonna love her so much, I will treat her like a princess. I'm so damn excited to meet my daughter oh man, This is the best day i just can't wait"

The plane landed after few hours.

They went to their hotel rooms.

*Next day*

Dejan was on his towards the address that shawn provided.

He was inside his car roaming around in an amazing mood.
Just when he received a call.

Dejan: "Hello"
: "Boss you gotta come back. Mrs. Wincent is not well, we're taking her to the hospital"
Dejan freaked out.
Dejan: "WHAT? WHERE?"
: "To St Louis hospital"
Dejan: "FUCK, I'M ON MY WAY"
Call ended.

And he drove towards the hospital.


rose was panicking she left Shawn's apartment.
She was holding her luggage and moving towards an lounge.
She was stressful.
She tried to lift her luggage and than....

Rose: "OH HELL!!! NO. NOT NOW. please not now. I can't do it"
[She screamed in pain]
The people nearby got worried. Rose' water broke.
The receptionist called ambulance.

Minutes later.
Ambulance arrived and took her to the St Louis hospital.

They urgently put her on the stretcher and took her inside the maternity ward.

Dejan was in the same hospital. He had sleepless night.
He was sitting outside the ICU where the doctors took his mother for the operation.
Dejan was extremely worried. The tear stains were still there on his face. He was scared for the first time in life with the thought of his mother's death.

Dejan: "Pleass god please. Don't take her away from me. I love her. I love her the most."
He continued to pray for her.

There were still no updates on Matilda.

Lionel walked towards dejan.
Lionel: "She's not there boss. We've checked Shawn's old house. She's not there"
[he said sadly]
Dejan sighed.
Dejan: "I don't care. Work your asses off. Find her anyhow. I just want her, no matter what happens. SHE'S HAVING MY DAUGHTER INSIDE HER. I WANT BOTH OF THEM BACK"
[he said pissed off]
For a moment he was angry at Rose.
Cause he was failing to complete his mother's request.

To be continued....

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