Green Lace.

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Onika Tanya Maraj

    We've just checked in to the small motel room, not too far from the Redwood park

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We've just checked in to the small motel room, not too far from the Redwood park. Beyoncé and I had been planning on visiting for quite some time and finally decided to drive to California and do some exploring.

"That drive was somehow tiring, which I will never understand." I grumble.

My arms tiredly pull off my shorts and top, leaving my grey thong and red bra. Beyoncé's back is to me, digging into her bag for some clothes.

"You weren't even drivin-"

She pauses when she turns back to look at me. Her eyes drift down, biting her lip slightly. I click my tongue to regain her attention, feeling a slight shiver make way down my spine.

"Fuck sleeping."

She mutters and grabs my waist, bringing my lips to hers roughly. I moan softly, hands tangling into her hair. My body forgets the tired feeling quickly, energized by her actions.

"Take off your clothes." I demand, tugging down her leggings to reveal green lace.

They hug her ass perfectly, making my mouth go dry slightly. Her hands quickly do the rest of the work, showing a black bra under her tank top.

I lean in to kiss her, my hands traveling to her soft waist. Her lips bite at mine hungrily, and she pushes me back against the wall. A louder moan comes from my throat, my hands drag down her back.

"Fuck babe, please."

I moan, and her lips travel to my neck, sucking hungrily at the spot. Her hazel eyes look up, one eyebrow raised slightly.

"Please." I gasp out once more.

She kisses me once more, then backing up to look me in the eyes. "Only because you asked nicely," she rasps out. I whimper quietly as her fingers drag along my dampened thong. "Tell me what you want baby."


With the last panted word, she sinks to her knees in front of me and blows on the fabric. My legs shake at the sensation. Her hand pulls my leg over her shoulder then sliding my thong to the side.

My head falls onto the wall, eyes pinched shut. Before I'm prepared, Beyoncé's hot tongue licks along my slick folds. Another moan escapes my lips as my core floods at the sensation.

I can feel her eyes on me as she sucks my bundle of nerves, but the feelings are too overwhelming to look down.She slips in a finger, slowly pushing it in and out.

"Nicki, look at me." I whine, still not looking down. "Nicki, watch me fuck you or I will stop," Beyoncé rasps out.

My eyes fly open and see her smirking as she slides in a second. I groan loudly as she takes another long lick, not once breaking eye contact with me. Her fingers curl in me, hitting that spot just right.

"Fuck baby, I'm going to cum," I moan loudly.

She sucks on my clit harder, fingers fucking me hard. I can hear how wet I am, and with a small moan on my clit I'm cumming.

"Fuck Bey!"

I cry out, my knees going weak. Her spare hand holds my hip as she stands up. I watch her suck her fingers clean, making me shiver.

"Oh Nicki, you're not finished just yet."

With that, she turns me towards the bed and pushes me down roughly, straddling my waist. My hands find her hips, pulling her against me for friction. She loses her concentration temporarily, and I use that to my advantage.

"My turn," I growl, and flip her over swiftly.

My knee nudges her legs apart as I unclasp my bra. I throw it to the side, then grasp her hips again and push my heat against hers hard. We moan in unison at the contact as I feel her wetness through the fabric mix with mine.

I pull her up to pull her bra off, taking one nipple into my mouth immediately. Beyoncé's moans hum through my body as her hands grasp and pull at my hair.

"Take your fucking underwear off." I demand.

I slip off her to remove mine, watching her hastily pull them off one leg. I push one leg up, pressing my wet core against hers immediately. She groans loudly, hands clawing my back.

The sting of the marks fuels me on, roughly bucking against her. The slick feel of her folds is addicting, how they drag along my clit just right. I move my hips harder, the slapping sounds intermixing with our loud moans.

"Fuck Bey! You feel so fucking good." I whine, pushing desperately for more friction.

I drag my breasts against her nipples in time, watching Beyoncé's eyes roll back into her head. I smirk when her eyes meet mine again, one hand reaching up to pinch her nipple. She moans loudly, signaling that she's close.

"You like when I fuck you hard, don't you? You like feeling my wet folds on yours?"

She whimpers at my words, and I can feel her hand grasping my arm shake. I lean down by her ear, biting the shell of it. I can feel my own climax coming on, and I quickly whisper.


The raspy tone of my voice makes her whole body tense and spasm. I thrust my hips against hers, losing my rhythm. My body shakes against hers as we both ride out our orgasms, moaning against her neck.

"Fuck, Nic."

Beyoncé's chest is heaving against mine, her skin sticky with sweat. I lick her neck softly, then kissing the spot where it meets her shoulder.

She whimpers softly, body shaking slightly. She pulls my head up, kissing me slowly. I can still taste myself on her lips, but that doesn't bother me.

"We need to do more adventuring."

She whispers against my lips. I smile at her, kissing her once more.

"Baby, I want to explore the world with you and fuck you at every place on the way."

I mumble back then pull her in to spoon with me. She pulls my arm around her waist, her breath slowly calming.

"For now, let's get some rest. We have a lot to see. And places to fuck at."

I add in the last part quietly, earning a small laugh. I kiss her head then let myself succumb to sleep.

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