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I woke up for school remembering everything that happened last night I couldn't believe I was stupid enough to even speak to Gelo after what he did.
I was so angry at myself but knew deep down I craved him, his touch sent me wild. I got ready for school and decided to get breakfast on the way which meant I was going to be late for first period which also meant that I wouldn't see Gelo.
When I arrived at school everybody was staring at me, most likely because I've been in fights a lot recently and people have started to talk shit about me and Gelo. I decided I needed a break from everybody and decided to keep myself to myself, I text jazz to let her know that I wanted to be on my own for the day because I needed time to think about things and she understood.
I got through the first 3 periods of school without talking to anyone, as I was making my way to lunch I saw Jell-O but he wasn't on his own sat right next to him was Nicole. My heart dropped I didn't feel angry I was just sad, I didn't feel jealous I was just disappointed. He didn't notice me enter the cafeteria so I walked straight back out and decided to sit on the football field so I could get some fresh air.
I didn't even realise the tears that were streaming down my face and realised that Gelo didn't like me as much as I thought he did, I wanted to tell myself that it wasn't real but I knew deep down it was. I just couldn't believe how stupid I was to believe that he actually liked me, he made me feel so special and safe when I was around him and now that was all gone.
I knew if I went back into class after lunch everyone would realise I've been crying so I decided to drive back home, as I was driving I couldn't help the tears that was spilling down my face. I was falling for Gelo but seeing him with another girl a girl that wasn't me broke my heart, I just wanted to end the pain and that's when everything went black.
Sorry it's short but I've been really busy the last few weeks ❤️

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