Remember My Sins

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Cy wanted to date. Raven thought about that all the way back to the cabin, and in five minutes, his emotions ranged from confused, to hurt, to anger. As he walked into the cabin and set his keys on the hook by the door, he wondered who he was angry at.

Claud and Ceael were sitting at the bar in the kitchen going through Claud's black box. The aroma of brewing coffee blanketed the room.

"Mom said you haven't responded to her," Claud said by way of greeting and Ceael popped him in the back of the head.

"I wouldn't talk to her either, you know. Every time she said 'but, oh, honey, Lucah's the only mate there is for you and Scot', I wanted to punch her." Ceael shook his head. "After everything, Rave's older than you, even in his born Skin. Leave it be."

Raven ignored the comments and instead started askingCeael questions. "What do you remember about the war?"

Claud jerked his head back but kept his mouth shut.

"I remember a fire and losing my head. We were celebratin' something, but I don't remember what." Ceael frowned. "A lot of yellin', a lot of accusations, and then the fight broke out. We were fighting hand to hand."

"Honey, we just did that, yesterday," Claud said.

Ceael shook his head. "No, honey. This was before. I didn't lose my head yesterday. Two different fights."

"Was I in the first fight?" Claud asked.

"Dunno. We weren't together, then." Ceael rubbed Claud's back.

"We've always been together." Claud frowned and looked at Raven, but Raven couldn't confirm or deny the statement.

According to Cy, the celebration had been their wedding. According to Raven's memories, he didn't meet Cy until he died the first time. Then it was through the colors. Cy said Lucah changed history to have Raven as his mate, but Lucah chose Scot.

"Ceael, do you remember when I was born?" Raven asked. He didn't know why it was important, but it all had to do with the wording of official documents. As far as Raven knew, he'd been born first and remembered it. Yet, if someone told Lucah Scot had been born first, then in Lucah's mind, Scot was Justice.

"I do, yeah." Ceael rubbed his chin.

"Who was born, first? Me, or Scot?"

"Scot was." Claud nodded, but Ceael shook his head.

"No, Rave, you were."

Claud jerked his head around, glaring at his mate. "No, he wasn't. The records state--"

"Honey, who wrote the records?" Ceael arched a brow.

"Gi." Claud slumped on the stool.

"Why did Time write the official record of my birth?" Raven frowned. "Shouldn't that have been Gaia? Or Nyx? Chaos, even, but not Time."

"Well, Gi caused an argument between Nyx and Gaia at the time. It was something stupid, like you were blind and they didn't want to admit the gods had produced a blind child." Ceael laughed. "Your eyes glowed even in light. Hell, all of you glowed when you slept. After the argument, you tried to hide it."

"Why don't I remember this?" Claud asked. "I remember you were born to one of mom's ladies-in-waiting. Cadence, I think. Then you were given to a Human female and mom didn't have anything to do with you until you were five. Gi was the one to visit you and Scot, bringing you vials for your feedings."

"Right." Raven rubbed his forehead. "And you want me to talk to Gaia." He arched a brow. "A Human didn't raise us, Claud. Cadence did and when we were twelve, she tried to sell us as love slaves."

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