Lost Island #5: Symphony of the Seas

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Note: Please read the first four stories related to this series before this one. Or, you can read any of the first four then this if you prefer. But I suggest you'll read this last for more thrill.


Lost Island Series #5:

Welcome to the island where the love that was once lost was found again.

Symphony of the Seas

"Listen to the song, to the symphony of the sea and sail towards the love that was lost yet found again."

Cathalina is caged in a place she once called home, she was sheltered and hidden in the dark. She was treated like a puppet, only doing things they said she should. She felt lost and lonely and realized she wanted to find herself.

Her parents announced her marriage and that's when she told herself she had enough. She would never say yes again, this time, she will do what she decided for herself and that's to find the man she truly love.

She escaped and got inside a ship, that's when she met the head of the ship, the tall, handsome and the man possessing that alluring midnight black eyes, Captain Lucian Alessandro Castanier, the man who would change her life.

Would their love change the fate that's already been written ages ago? Would their love conquer everything? Even the death itself?

As they sail together with the symphony of the seas, will they find the love that was once lost? Or history will repeat itself?

Book 5 of 5

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