After Tristan came by and I let out a stream of profanity directed at his name, Liam and I got ready for school. I was against both of us going and have one of us staying home with Brooke, but Liam said Tristan would only make us go.

"This is stupid," I growled as I got into Liam's car. "He shouldn't even be Alpha, he doesn't even know how to be one."

"I know, but he is the Alpha," Liam said. "There's nothing we can do about that. We could challenge him, but I'm not strong enough to go against Tristan, and you can't be Alpha without your mate."

"Who made that rule anway?" I asked angrily.

"The very first werewolf," Liam said.

"Well, then he was sexist," I snapped. "Girls can be just as good of Alphas as guys."

"You're right. Girls may actually be better, but guys are just more handy in a fight."

"Yes, but have you seen how girls fight? We're manipulative, devious, evil little bitches."

Liam laughed. "Yes, I know that. You're three out of those four, and you're only a bitch sometimes."

"Gee, thanks for that," I said sarcastically.

"Well, you are a bitch when you get mad. Which has been often."

"I wonder why. Maybe it has something to do with a jackass named Joel Stewart."

"I wanna kill him to, but killing him kills Brooke. And we can't put her through any more pain, Hales."

I sighed. "I know, Li. I just wish she didn't have to go through this. She'll call if she needs anything, right?"

He nodded. "Yeah, I left her phone within her reach. She'll call us if she needs anything."

"Speaking of calling, how'd you call me Friday when you were supposed to be in history?" I asked, giving him a small smirk.

Liam laughed. "Oh, I pulled a Hales and started to tell Mr. Brown the latest news about Brad and Angeline."

I laughed. I use my phone all the time during history, and whenever Mr. Brown, the history teacher, tells me to put it away, I start sprouting a story about how I need to tell my friend about the latest news about Brad Pitt and Angeline Jolie. He tells me to shut up before I even get the news out and lets me continue to use my phone. It only ever works for me, since the others aren't as creative and manipulative as me. It's a gift.

"Nice!" I said.

"I know, I've learned from the best," Liam said.

I smiled, and we pulled into the school.

"Welcome to hell," Liam said.

"You said it, man. You sure we can't ditch?"

"Unfortunately, we can't."


Liam smiled slightly, and we walked into class. I shot a death glare at Joel, who flinched slightly at the intensity of my glare. But then he continued to make out with a girl, and Liam had to hold me back from lunging at him.

"Calm yourself," he said.

"I hope he gets raped by a rabid squirrel," I hissed, sitting down.

Liam looked at me and cracked up at my murderous expression. "Oh my god, you're serious! That has to be the best insult I've ever heard!"

"Glad to see my comments amuse you," I said.

Liam just laughed and shook his head. We went through our classes, which were very boring. I didn't pay attention in any of them, I was too worried about Brooke. How was she doing without us taking care of her? We put the ice cooler by her, but it could've all melted by now. I decided to go check up on her at lunch. We are allowed to leave anyway.

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