Part 2

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He is sitting wondering about the call he received in the morning.

The man who is ready to give him information........
But what does he want in return.

He is rubbing his forehead with his finger, eyes closed..... Tired with the hectic day......
When he smell strong aroma of coffee.

He open his eyes.
To see a steaming  coffee mug and her smiling face.

He gave a mild smile.
And she came and sat beside him.

Rajveer - tumhara cup kaha hai

Naina - main puja ke sath abhi pee ke ayi.

He took the cup brushing her fingers intentionally....  Making her face go pink.

Naina - ap pareshan kyun ho
She asked arranging the books on table......

He saw her

Rajveer - nahi to.....

He said casually

Naina saw him and made an angry face

Naina - fine
Hide from me...
Waise bhi u think I am just a stupid cadet.

She said flinging her head away from him
While he enjoyed this show.

It has been a month
And he has seen a completely different naina in this one month
With whom he is all over in love again.

She is a cute stubborn kitten
Anger on nose tip for silly things
So caring and nurturing
And such a kid....
Over enthusiastic for petty things
And gets sad so quickly whenever he scold her

She is his personal entertainment package.

He pulled her cheeks hard...... With love
And she winced in pain

Naina - kitni bar bola gaal nahi kheechna
She protested

Rajveer  - aur maine bhi kitni bar bola hai ke lights out ke bad room mein mat aya karo...
Tum sunti ho....

She pouted in anger and shrinked her eyes.

Naina - fine main aungi hi nahi kal se.

Rajveer  - ye tum roz bol ke jati ho.
He made fun of her.

Naina - mujhe na apse baat hi nahi karni hai
She said giving a fed up hand action

And he loved it and started laughing

"Hasi pata nahi kyun aa rahi hai apko"
She comment

Rajveer  - tum kitna chidti ho.....
He laughed again.

When he heard footsteps outside his room

"Han main itni hi chidchidi hun..... Aur ap na......

He immediately kept his hand on her mouth to shut her loudspeaker

"Sshhhhh...... Bahar koi hai shayad....
Kitni bar kaha hai ahista bola karo"

He said.......
His hand still on her lips.......
And eyelashes fluttering over him

He was close.
And she was paused with his proximity.

His touch  is electrifying

He payed attention to her changed aura.
His thumb gently cearsing her lip.
While she close her eyes quickly

Aur ahistaa
Kijiye Batein.........
Dhadkane koi sun raha hoga....

He enjoy his effect on her

He started pulling her face close to him
And she immediately clutch his hand kept on her nape.

He examined her face line closely
Her peach looking glossy lips are looking ready to eat .

Lafz Girne na paye
Hothon se
Waqt ke hath inko chun lenge

He kissed her side nose just below the eyes.
Her skin was radiating heat

Kaan rakhte hain
Ye daro deewar
Raaz ki sari baat
Sun lenge.....

She hugged him tight hiding herself from him in his arms.

He kissed her hairs softly
Feeling the softness of her hairs.


In library

She is selecting a book on communication and strategy..... For his class project

Her friends sitting on front table
And lolita mam super vising

Two cadets standing behind her back surfing books....
And she was just tied up with his eyes

She kept her hand on one book.

He saw the book and noded a no....
She withdraw her hand and kept on another book

Aise bolo
ke dil ka afsana....

He again indicated not that book.

Dil sune
Aur nigah dohrae......

She picked up again one book.
And this time he smile and gave her permission

She smile and took the book.
He left the library
And she came to lolita mam to issue the book.

And went and sat next to her friends

Ud - Heyy
Rajveer sir abhi to yahi the... Kaha gaye

Puja shrugged her shoulders

And she smile..

Apne charo taraf ki
Ye duniya

Saans ka
Shor bhi.
Na sun paye
Na sun paye

Aur ahista kijiye Batein.

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