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In train to new city.
Blance's perspective.

I find that train seems so boring. If I would be driver, I could bore on death. Constantly I'm seeing same landscapes - anyway in our home I could touched and felt that place. When I was there, I could find mysterious things. I was could be like Sherlock Holmes or someone like him. My Fluffy was could be Watson! Now I'm only watching what is going on behind a train window without any experience. This is so boring, exhausting and boring and exhausting and - what's the most important - boring. I'm beginning believe nothing gonna be more colorful, unless...I will find crayons!

But what with blood?

Stop think negative.

Where are my crayons? I should find them. Maybe behind chair. I will draw something yellow like sun in the rise or something green like... the forest around our house. I miss that green grass, on which I might danced and run everywhere I could. All's well that ends well.

Where are my birds, trees, bumblebees, and everything else, what I want to draw?

Maybe I will sketch my future home, but I haven't got gray.

There won't be any of this things, which I miss. Nothing like that, what i had yesterday, probably similar - even place for my Fluffy (I hope we never leave him, because I'm sure I will cry).
I lost everything, but daddy know what to do. I trust him. Daddy know.

I'm repeating and repeating and repeating a few dumb words.

Daddy know what to do.

But stop panic too, keep calm and take a deep breath.

Yeah, where are my crayons? I have already got red - the weirdest colour, very known - and blue.

A part of my imagination disappeared, with the wooden home and flew far away from me. Under a thick layer of worried I feel some kind of excited and a little bit cheated - because how could he pulled me out from my place of world? But I remember that I must be obey - trust. Yeah, trust. Why Shouldn't trust if he is a good human.
He told me that he love me again and again and every time more and more.
O! I have got my yellow crayon. Perfectly to draw sunlight.

What a boredom.
My fluffy Fluffy is playing with his toy, which called "chicken", but he prefer called him "woof woof". I think daddy will buy him new one. He should. So.
Maybe I find out something.
People are walking again and again. I don't like they, because each one of them looks weird or too seriously. I don't give a toss that they were adult. They should be more cheerful.

-Daddy, tell me please - I looked at him with the biggest eyes ever. - Where my mommy?
Silence without calmness.
I know she didn't leave us. She said that she love me more than dad. And now, we are driving to city far far away from home. How will she find us? I had seem her a few days before we arrived.
I still forgot that she doesn't live with me, because sometimes i feel like she be near me every hour, even when i don't see her.
- She left us.
Sure, daddy said she left us. I always trust him ...But daddy protect me, because he love me like my mom. He will never hurt me, yeah? But I saw him carrying shovel. It must be something else, even if I don't know what.
- She left us?
Silence without calmness is between us. I see in my imagination a few scenes from my inve..investi...gation. In front of my eyes I'm seeing flashbacks.
- Yeah, she left us, Don't you understand?
- No

- From where was that blood? - I'm asking.
His face is the same pale like before, and mouth isn't gently shaking. He isn't looking at me. He say nothing. He's such a cold fish - you can never see any emotions on his face.
I repeat my question.
- From where was that blood?
He don't take a look at me. I love him even he's so dumb.
The little man of few words. I laughed in soul.
I find the rest of the crayons. I think, I must draw my parents in front of our wooden house.
I'm sure my mommy is waiting for her 'cute daughter'.
Yes, my red one - perfectly to paint my mom's dress, because I remember her so.
It will be good of the souvenir from old life, which I will never came back.
What's a shame.

I know anything about new city.

I find, in the deepest part of his heart, he love me and did it, because he want to do his best for me. By the way, daddy know what to do - nothing, what might hurt me or my mom.

That blood - I was sure - belonged to a poor squirrel! Maybe it wasn't blood...maybe only paint...yeah. It must be stupid joke. Daddy is too good to hurt anyone - particularly her.

Once on the park, when I was worried of mom, because she fall on the grass I was hugging her and screamed "DON'T DEAD" - she told me something like "I'm too happy to dead". She looked at my face and was proud for care. Maybe it was only a pack of lies.


I should came back to play with crayons and to watch the boring landscapes.


But only one is truly sure.

Daddy know what to do.

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