2: In My Head

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  As it turned out, a good walk to a local coffee shop was exactly what our couple needed. Because their house was equidistant between their two cities, the two decided to find a new cafe area, as hard as it was to get over the phenomenal work that their baristas did at their separate places. Their new place was called Ragged Caffeine, but the locals just called it Caffeine.

  It felt odd to include themselves as locals anywhere. They couldn't exactly call themselves civilians in their own cities. Here, of course they stopped a crime or two without drawing any attention to themselves or their secret aliases, but they felt like they did before this whole superhero thing began and it was nice to just complain about their commute instead of their criminals.

  "Yesterday," Kara started a perfectly normal conversation, "I saw the fattest pigeon on my way in!"

  "How big was it," Barry smiled. He loved it when she'd talk about animals. Her eyes would light up and she would be a lot more engaged in her own words.

  "Oh man," she laughed, "it was huge!" She held up her hands like she were holding it. "Like, this big."

  Both Kara and Barry were so invested in this strange story, neither of them saw the person walking parallel to them, and Barry ended up not so gently brushing against their shoulder.

  The woman snapped her head back at him. She stood at a couple inches over 5 foot 5, hair cascading down her shoulders in large curls. She wore a full face of makeup and a light grey pantsuit, which complemented her dark skin.

  "Excuse you," she said bluntly, turning back to where she was headed and quickly marching forward without a glance into the others' eyes.

  Kara's breath caught in her throat as a memory from a vague long ago filled her mind. It was happy, but albeit dramatic. No true evidence yet showed of her knowing this person, though.

  "Excuse yourself," Barry mocked in a low volume, kicking his foot lightly against the cement. He cocked his head at Kara, noticing her distractedness. "You good?"

  "Oh," she remarked, not counting how many seconds she had dazed off, "yeah, I'm fine. I just thought I knew that lady for a second."

  Barry squinted at the back of the woman's head and shrugged, "maybe it's someone you saved. I know I always get those people stuck in my brain somehow."

  Kara shook it off. "That makes sense." That reasoning worked fine for her. Why should she bother thinking anymore about it?

  But of course that's exactly what she did all day.


It just gnawed at the back of her head. Who was she? She knew there was a name attached to the face and she just had to find it out. But her loving husband noticed her absence.

"Honey," he squeezed his eyebrows together as his word formed.

"Huh?" Her mouth said without her brain's consent.

They were laying in bed with the lights off and her eyes were still wide open. It was ten o'clock but she knew there was no chance of her sleeping that night.

"Is everything okay," he asked. "You've seemed kind of out of it all day. Got something on your mind?"

"No," she lied. She was obsessing over something so little again and didn't think it was worthy of his attention. "I guess I'm just having one of those days."

"Are you sure?"

"I mean-"

Barry's watch suddenly buzzed on the nightstand and a bright lightning streak covered the face.

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