Eighteen: Tom is a legend

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"Millie, babe you gotta wake up." A soft vice says shaking me slightly.

"Hmmm." I groan into my pillow, feeling the ache in my head and tasting the vomit smell in my mouth.

"Millie, I made breakfast and here's some Advil with water, on your bedside table." The voice I recognise as Finns says and I hear him place the glass on the table.

"Do you thinks she's dead?" A younger voice says and I feel a poke on my side making me flinch.

"No aves, Millie's just tired." Finn says.

"Oh I know how to wake her up." Ava says in a 'I-know-everything' voice. "MILLIE WAKE UP ME AND FINNIE MADE PANCAKES." Ava screams jumping on top of me.

"Ava what the hell!!" I say in a mix groan/yell.

"See Finnie, that's how you wake Millie up. I'm eating pancakes now!" Ava says and I can imagine her skipping away, whilst Finn chuckles softly, then sitting down on the bed next to me.

I feel his large hand lay on my back and make its way up and down, making me let out a sigh of satisfaction and pleasure.

"Good morning Mills." He says in a whisper.

"Good morning Finnie." I reply back moving my head to the side as I look up at him softly.

"Breakfast is almost ready downstairs, your whole family's waiting for you actually and don't worry, your parents aren't mad. I already talked to them." He says continuing to move his hand up and down my back and I have a small smile on my face.

"Thank you Finn. You're the best boyfriend ever."

Shit. Shit. Shit.

"Oh, I-I'm so sorry. That just spilt out of my mouth. I didn't me-" I says stuttering until Finn interrupts me

"It's ok Mills. If it makes you feel better, you're the best girlfriend I've ever had as well." He says with a soft smile.


I feel myself blush bright red and I burry my face into my pillow.

"Now go have a shower, you stink." He says kissing me on the shoulder and standing up from my bed.

"That's so not true! I smell fine!" I says poking my toungue out at him.

"Whatever you say stinky bum." He says and I burst out laughing at his 'insult'.

"Ava has really changed you." I say through my giggles and Finn just shrugs before walking out my door and then blowing me a kiss, which I pretend to catch and press to my mouth.

After I get out of the best shower of my life and get changed into a new set of pyjamas, I make my way downstairs to have breakfast. And let me tell you it was the best breakfast I've ever had.

And not just food wise.

We all talked, laughed and just enjoyed each others company as a family (minus Paige and Charlie). It was the most heartwarming thing to see the way Finn interacted with my family. He was so kind and would act just as dramatic as Ava when she would tell her stories. He talked to my parents like they were his own and asked them about things I didn't even ask them about half the time.

He made my house feel like home.

And I was scared that he was going to start feeling like home. Purely just him as a person.

Feelings are scary. Especially when your in a situation like ours.

After we were done with cleaning up we made our way back upstairs. And decided that it would be a good idea to talk about what happened last night. We laid down in my bed, shoulders touching and hands intertwined.

"What happened?" He asked softly. "What made you so sad or angry that you want to get drunk and then when we got home you didn't stop crying until two. What happen Mills?" He asks softly and I can feel his eyes on me, but I keep my eyes on the ceiling.

I feel the lump in my throat, I feel the tears in my eyes, I feel every emotion that I felt yesterday come back. The betrayal, the hurt, the sadness and the realisation.

So I told him. I told him everything that happened yesterday and I didn't leave anything out. And it hurt, it hurt so much that I felt like I was going to break. But Finn being there with his hands intertwined with mine and his thumb stroking the back of my hand softly made me feel so much stronger and protected.

He made me so happy, and that's terrifying.

"Mum!" I yell in frustration.

"What?!" She yells back from downstairs.

"Have you seen my phone?"

"No. Where did you leave it last?"

"If I knew that I wouldn't me asking you if you know where it is." I say, feeling frustrating tears brim my eyes.

It's been a tough twenty-four hours.

"Try calling it!" She yells and I sigh in annoyance.

"Finnie can you please call my phone." I say putting my forehead in my hands.

He nods his head and starts tapping on his phone. He lifts the phone to his ear and I can't hear any vibrations or sound indicating that my phone could be here.

"Um hello?" Finn says in a startled and confused voice.

"Yes this is him." He says with his eyebrows furrowed and nose scrunched. "Yes she's here with me."

I make the hand signals for him to put it on speaker phone and he puts it on.

"This is Tom, the bouncer from the bar last night. Millie must have accidentally left her phone here and I just forgot to put it in the lost and found."

Tom. Tom. Tom? Where do I know that name from? I think and I feel like it's on the top of my tongue.

"Timothy?" I say.

"That would be me." The voice from the other side of the phone says and moments from the night started floating back into my brain.

Us becoming 'besties', me asking if he would ever get a tattoo of me on his shoulder as a sign of out friendship and the speech he gave me about Finn.

"Your name isn't actually Tim isn't it?"

"No, sadly not. It's Tom."

Millie feels herself blush in embarrassment. "I'm so sorry." She says with a nervous laugh.

"Nah, don't worry about it." And there's an awkward silence that fills the air. "Um, anyway, when does it suit you for me to you your phone back?" He says and I'm thankful for the change in conversation.

We then talk about the arrangements for me to get my phone back and at the end of the conversation I turn to Finn and say.

"Tom is a legend."

Advice from Christie time:

Boys are stupid.

Don't let boys use you or make you feel used in any way.

Actually write a decent chapter instead of this price of shit (I'm really sorry about that).

Don't cry four times a day for no reason.


Thank you for listening to my ted talk :)

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