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" So why are you here again? "

" I swear to god, I'm quitting this job. For the last time Kim Seokjin, I was ordered to help you. That is why I'm here. "

Jin clicked his tounge and chuckled, " You? Help me? What are you? 12? How can they send a kid here? "

" You littl- "

" I'm older than you, Jeon. "

Kim Seokjin, a successful young 21 years old agent who was well known with his undeniable good looks, his spy and undercover skills. By that it means, he could be anyone he wants; from a CEO to a dentist at a school.

The talented guy had done over more than thirty hard missions and not to mention that it had all done successfully.

People thought of him as a professional but he really was not one, he loved to play around and filled with humor but once he doesn't like someone, it was all on the other way around. Despite his playful behaviour, he always done his job perfectly and no one knows how.

He was the type of agent that would do anything to complete his mission.

" Now tell me, who sent you here? "

" Mr. Bang, your boss. He said that you need extra help to complete this mission and he sent me here. Is that enough, Mr. Kim? " Jungkook rolled his eyes.

" That's not what you used to call me back then but I'll get use to it. "

" Look, what's past is past. I don't want to mix it with my work. " Jungkook said.

" Whatever you say, Kookie. But don't blame me if you fall for me all over again. " Jin said sarcasticlly.

Jungkook just rolled his eyes.

" What was Mr. Bang thinking sending a fucking 18 years old kid for this mission? " Jin massaged his temples.

" You're only 21 yourself, there's not much difference and I am not a kid!I'm a well trained agent and Mr. Bang won't send me here if he knows that I'm not capable of this. " Jungkook argued back.

" But he knows me well, that I can do this all by myself! I don't need a kid's help. "

Even before Jungkook got to reply, the door opened; " Mr. Kim, Mr Jeon. Mr. Bang asked for both of you now in his office. " The secretary said from the door.

" We'll be there, thank you. " Jin said and the secretary nodded.

" I'm not done with you yet, Jeon. "

" Why am I here again? " Jungkook asked himself in disbelief.

" Take a seat. " Mr. Bang motioned the seats for them.

" So I see, you have meet each other. " He said, eyes sticking on them.

" Why do you sent him to help me? I've done lots of missions all by myself and you know that I always complete it successfully. " Jin straightly asked, not wanting to waste time.

" Can't you just accept it?! " Jungkook rolled his eyes.

" Jin, this mission is a little different. You need more help. Plus, I know that Jungkook will be a great help for you. " Mr. Bang said.

" Are you for real?! But- "

" NO BUTS KIM SEOKJIN. This is my final decision! "

" Ugh, fine! " Jin gritted his teeth.

" So why do you call, Mr. Bang? " Jungkook asked, changing the topic.

" Oh yea, about the mission. It needs you to go undercover. "

" As what this time? A security guard again? Or a farmer? " Jin said based on experience, earning a chuckle from Jungkook.

" A teacher, and a student. "

" At least that is better. " Jin said.

" Where? " Jungkook asked.

" BigHit Highschool. "

" That's my school! " Jungkook squeled.

" Be careful not to exposed your identity. And Jin, you'll start teaching by tomorrow. This is to identify some students who reportedly working with the mafia, and the son is also schooling there. Remember this is the biggest mission, I put my trust on you guys. Any questions? "

" No. " They said in unison.

" You may go now. " Mr. Bang dismissed them.

They walked out of the room, " Listen here kid, I will only talk to you about the mission; nothing more than that. Understand? " Jin said and walked away from Jungkook.

" Son of a bitch. " Jungkook muttered under his breath as he watched Jin walked away.

It was night time and Jin was now leaning on the bar, trying to released his stress as he watched people dancing and making out here and there.

He used to be one of them.

And he still is.

Jin ordered more and more drinks and he was highly drunk already, he went to the dance floor and swayed his hips to the music.

Jin felt a pair of arms on his waist, pulling him closer. Since he was not on the right side of his mind, he just let it be.

The two of them danced together, " You're so perfect. " The guy's deep dark voice whispered into his ears and Jin just giggled.

Jin might be drunk but his vision was still clear.

Jungkook walked in the bar, ordering a drink to enjoy himself before he started the mission tomorrow.

He was drinking a cup and almost choked on his drink seeing the sight in front of him, " T-Taehyung? and Jin?! What the hell? Am I drunk already?! "

Jungkook watched as Taehyung lead Jin out of the bar, Jungkook following from behind.

" He's drunk oh god, I thought that he has changed! " He watched as Jin getting in Taehyung's car.

Jungkook quickly ran to the car and opened the door at Jin's side, pulling him out.

" What are you doing?! Jungkook? You? Ugh! Give him back to me. " Taehyung get out of the car.

" He is not going with you! " He hugged Jin's waist tightly.

" What do you mean?! Go away, he's mine. " Taehyung tried to come closer but Jungkook was fast to land a punch on his face.

" What the fuck?! " Taehyung wiped off the blood on the corner of his lips.

" You- "

Jungkook was quick enough to take Jin and ran away from Taehyung.

" Just you wait Jeon Jungkook. "


Hey guys! As promised, THIS IS THE NEW AND MY FIRST BOOK OF JINKOOK!!!!!! Hope you like the Au tho, I was thinking of something new and came out with this. It's an Agent + Student / teacher + mafia Au.

Should I continue?

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