My Plans

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I didn't want things to turn out like this. But you gave me no choice.

Thanks to my dolls pathetic family I've got lots to do. HAHAHAHAHAHA


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First, I must get my little doll back. Gain her trust and make her love me again. Doesn't seem like a very difficult task, HAHAHAHAHA.
~ jokerslilclown ~

Then, I must go after the Valeska Brother's lovers and sisters. I'm still trying to figure out who they are, though it doesn't seem like a very difficult task. Tracking people down is one of my skills. Things would be easier if you just tell me who you are, dolls. HAHAHAHAHA.

The magical cat. He's been in the way from the beginning. He'd manipulate my doll and made it seem like he put her against me. You're on my list as well. HAHAHAHAHA. Look at the situation you put yourself into. Not much fun is it? HAHAHAHAHA!
~ Cheshey-Cat ~

Harley, don't worry I haven't forgotten about you. Since the beginning you weren't much help, you just kept pushing. After you shot me on the leg I've lost my patience with you. HAHAHAHAHA. I don't blame you, I threatened to kill your daughter right in front of your eyes. HAHAHAHAHA. That was entertaining. I'm afraid you're next on my list. Just a little heads up, doll.
~ psychoxquinn ~

I'm leaving the best for last. HAHAHAHAHA. The Valeska's. They've caused me enough trouble, and ruined everything I've worked so hard on. Putting unneeded information in my dolls head. Making her against me. HAHAHAHAHA. I've noticed there's quite a lot of you. Who should I kill first? Ahh I know, how about the two brothers. HAHAHAHAHA. Perfect.
  ~OriginalValeska thxjxstxr ~

After all of this is done, I will go back on my original plans. Killing dear Bats. And let's not forget how close I am from ruling Gotham.

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