When he meets your parents -Leondre

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"Y/n what if they dont like me? What if they think im a bad influence? What if-" you cut him off. "Leo they will love you!" You told him and kissed his cheek. He just nodded at you before putting his head down. "Im just worrid. I love you so much and i want your family to understand that" he told you. "Leo listen to me, your amazing and im sure they will see that" you told him. Before he could respond you heard the door open. "Hi darling" your mother said. "And you must be Leondre" "Yes mrs y/last/n" leondre answered. "Oh honey call me Carol" my mother answered with a smile. "Yes mrs- i mean Carol" leondre answered with a little giggle.

Later that night:

"Well it was nice to meet you both" Leondre said whilst shaking your parents hands. "Ill walk you to the door" you told him. Once you got to the door you pulled Leondre into a hug. "You did great babe" you told him. He giggled. "Well i do have my charm and good looks" he said whilst winking. You just laughed before pulling him into another hug. "I love you" he told you. "I love you more" you said. "Not possible" and with that he kissed you and headed back home.

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