Arranged Marriage (Rich)Crushx(Rich)Reader

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Your POV

"Ms. Y/L/N? Are you ready?" My personal maid B/F/N asked.

"Yes, I'll be in my room in a moment," I replied.

I patted my mouth with a white cloth and left the table as a few maids started cleaning the dining table. I headed up the stairs to my room and walked into my closet.

"I'm ready B/F/N," I called.

She quickly came into my closet and started pulling out a dress that my mother had gotten made for me a week before. It was a nice and tight dress that was made to show off my body but still look formal. Of course, my mom chose such a thing for me to wear. As if I were just a pretty little doll.  

B/F/N called in my hairstylist and my makeup artist. They got me ready and after 2 hours I stood in front of the mirror, staring blankly at my reflection.

"You look beautiful Ms. Y/L/N," B/F/N said. She stood a little behind me, staring at my reflection with me.

I tried to smile but didn't manage to get it to reach my eyes, "Thank you B/F/N. But please call me Y/N. I don't know how many times I have to tell you that."

She laughed, "Well then, that wouldn't be very proper of me."

When I didn't smile in return she started staring at me, worry etched on her face, "Ms. Y/L/N, what's wrong?"

"Nothing, I'm fine," I answered, not looking at her.

"Well, I'm here if you need to talk."

I nodded as I stared down at my feet, blinking back the tears that threatened to leave my eyes. Mother will kill me if I ruin my make up.

I am very thankful for B/F/N. My mother's family had hired her mother's family a while back and ever since then the daughter of B/F/N's family has always served as a maid for the next daughter of my family. But as the years went by, B/F/N was no longer just my maid, she became my best friend.

Which is why it is so hard for me to hide when I am sad from her. Although everyone in this house probably knows why.

In about 1 hour, I am going to meet a boy and his family of a high class. They own one of the largest shipping corporations which is why I have to look so fancy.

Why am I sad? Because I am only 17 and I am going to be married off to a stranger this Spring, in order to "fulfill my duties as a business man's daughter". So to everyone else in the word I may have it all. But really, I have no say in any choices made for me and lack the feeling of happiness that people should have from the start of their childhood.

Who knows what this boy is going to be like. Who knows if he even is my age. I know nothing because I have been taught that I just need to sit quietly and look pretty. I'm forced to act like everything is perfectly fine. Act like I'm okay with becoming a housewife, not being able to pursue any of my dreams because I'll be "lucky" to be pampered while my poor husband has to work. I need to act like I'm fine with the idea that I will only be used to make a male baby that will be able to control the merging of two powerful corporations as he gets thrust into the business world, not being able to act his own age because he'll start having responsibilities at the age of fifteen. But what do my feelings matter anyway? I am simply a tool that my father needs to use in order to climb his way up the ladder of success because in this "home", money is everything.

So, it may look like I have it all but never judge a book by its cover, right? At least that's what they were supposed to teach the girls that whisper about me as if I can't hear them. While I walk around with my head bowed down in shame in my own home because I tried to speak up when I should've just smiled and kept quiet. Stupid girl they say, she'll never be enough. I feel bad for whoever has to marry her. I wonder if she'll ever learn how to be a proper wife. Her poor mother.

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