Chapter 17: Something Like That

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'This is the fourth reported missing individual in the last two days. Investigators believe each separate case to be linked but there is yet to be any evidence found determining who, or what, is responsible.'

Ryn bit her lip, eyes closing as she let the radio drag on.

It was happening....

It was only Friday morning and within half an hour of listening to the radio quietly, while Kiley was still asleep in her room, she had heard almost nothing but these news reports. It was driving her crazy at how wrong they were, how little they knew. Half of her wanted to run into the police station and scream at them that they were searching in the wrong direction.

But the more logical, reasoning half of her mind warned her that such an action could only lead to disaster.

For one, they would more than likely arrest her for being a mutant, and even if they didn't, even if they believed her, she had nothing to tell them other than who was responsible. Not where they could find him, not even his identity.

But she could tell them what he planned to do next...

No, Aderyn. She scolded herself. Even the Legacies struggled to survive the reign of the Silver Scorpion. Ordinary human police hadn't stood a chance in any of his attacks, sending them after him now would be like sending cattle to a slaughterhouse.

She shuddered.

She would not let herself be held responsible for any more deaths.

She was a hero, or rather, she will be.

A hero didn't back down in the face of danger. A hero didn't let a villain take control of the city without trying their best to stop it.

A hero didn't kill....

'Many sources are suggesting that this may be another example of a mutant attack, and the authorities are warning civilians to be wary. They are doing everything within their power to control this recent situation, and they need everyone to remain calm and cautious, while they figure the rest of this situation out. If you are privy to any knowledge regarding the recent disappearances or even the attack on Scorp Tower last Sunday night, please report it. We can't let any more get harmed as a result of the mutants.'

'It's not the mutants,' she whined, letting her head drop to the table below her with a thud. 'It was never the mutants.'

Thud. She hit her head against the table a second time. Then more for good measure.

Thud. Thud. Thud.

'Careful there, Ryn. If you keep on doing that, you're going to lose brain cells,' Kiley yawned, stepping out of her room.

'How can people be so blind?' Aderyn wanted to strangle the radio, still blathering on about mutants attacking The Lights.

'What's the matter this time?'

She explained everything she'd heard on the radio, doing her best to keep her voice steady, and her emotions in check.

'Don't they understand?' She practically cried, louder than necessary. 'This is the work of the Silver Scorpion!'

'Whoa, whoa, hold it right there. Don't you think you're jumping to very dramatic conclusions, Ryn? How do you know that he's behind this?'

She sighed, resting her head on the table once more.

Because I'm from the future! I've had access to every article and news-clip, and even a few interviews, surrounding the attacks of the Silver Scorpion, since the day I was born! I know almost every single little villainous thing that he's done. Everything that he's going to do. And these people just don't understand the gravity of the mistake they're making!

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