Chapter 1 - Arriving in Alabasta

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Hi everyone, this is my first story so don't hate. Hope you enjoy it.

Peace :)


Entering the harbour's of Alabasta, with the boats and ships swaying with the waves against the docks with fisherman and sailors shouting about in all different languages was an exhilarating feeling. Moving through the rushing crowds, I couldn't help but feel the sense of freedom that enveloped me with each step I took. This freedom you could say wasn't something I was used to and I had only recently gained the right to it.

Yes, I was being hunted down by all sorts of bounty hunters and vagabonds as we speak due to an over-exaggerated bounty that was unnecessarily placed over my head by the world government but other than those minor facts, I would consider myself relatively fortunate.

I walked down the main street that was cluttered with people, street performers and stalls which I noticed sold all kinds of things. From fruit to fortunes, stands were propped in every corner the sellers bellowing about their products in hopes of drawing in buyers.  

People were walking around shopping, minding their own business, chattering with their companions as they went about a casual routine one would assume they did on a day to day basis from their behaviour and appearance, but watching them made me laugh at the irony of the situation.

These people were on the verge of a civil war and not a single one of them seemed to mind it, as if the growing tensions that seemed to fester in the darkest corners were not occurring. As if the very ground beneath them was not about to flooded with bloodshed and battle. Either these people did not mind or did a really good job at hiding it. 

My attention was soon caught at a stall that sold some sort of mysterious 'golden apples'; the pushy salesperson claiming these particular fruits would grant me a thousand years of life. Although it wasn't something that appealed to me, I could barely manage the thought of my own lifespan, let alone another thousand that would bring on, it amused me what people thought would bring in customers.

Just as I was about to walk off, my stomach gurgled at the prospect of food. Sighing, I looked around hoping to see an inn or a stall that would cater to my hunger when my attention was caught at a small tavern peeking out at the end of the street, the growing crowds momentarily parting to show the sign that stated they were serving lunch at this hour. 

Having my destination in sight, I made my way down the packed pavement, dodging people as they tried to shove passed me. My annoyance was growing with every passing minute, as it seemed I wasn't making any progress in moving towards the tavern with the crowds moving against me. When I finally managed to move out of the stream of people, I had miraculously been pushed enough to the edge where there wasn't such a tide wave of civilians. I made quick work in walking towards the pale blue bar but upon entering, there was something that you wouldn't really find in a place like this. It was quiet.

Too quiet.

Then the whispers that unknowingly echoed through the pub slowly became louder as I neared the crowd at the back of the tavern where the counter was located.

"I think he's dead" A mans whisper was heard above the others as he spoke to the women next to him.

"I heard he was bitten by a poisonous strawberry spider" Another informed their companion in hushed whispers, as if too scared that the loudness of his words would somehow have an effect on the tense atmosphere currently hanging over the occupants.

"Wait... aren't they poisonous?" The companion that stood next to me asked in reply.


Bloody hell, I forget how stupid people are.

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