Chapter 2

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"Okay, Lisa, let me get this straight. Jennie will move in with you, tomorrow? As in less than 24 hours from now?" Seulgi kept on asking.

"Yes, Seulgi. You straighten this issue for dozens times already. Stop it." Lisa rolled her eyes.

"Oh my God! Who would've thought, I mean, she's moving in with you. It feels surreal, you know?" Says Seulgi.

"Listen here, you shorty. I barely know her. I only saw her once." Lisa said.

"Put you will see her everyday now." Seulgi cut her off.

"It's not the point! Seriously! Why are you being like this? My freedom is over, Seulgi. Don't you get it? Mom and dad would literally kill me if they ever find out that I have a lot of flings. Especially now, when they expect me to marry their best friend daughter." She said it in one breath and sigh dramatically is the end.

"Well that is what I'm talking about. Aren't you tired? You act like you don't care but I know you better, Lisa. What you did is not healthy for both mentally and physically. Why can't you see this as a positive thing?" Lisa raised her eyebrows indicating Seulgi to made it clear.

"I think it's time for you to let go your past and start living the present. Your parents want the finest for you. I'm sure Jennie is a good girl. You don't know her yet to make bad judgment of her. So please, I'm begging you as your best friend who loves you very much, try your best". Said Seulgi.

"I don't want to get attached to anyone, Seul. You know that." she whispered tiredly. The bottom of her stomach suddenly felt like it twisted, remembering the certain scene she can never forget.

"Hey," Seulgi nudged her friend softly. 

"Jennie is not her, don't know this Jennie either but I trust your parents. If they're not sure about this, they wouldn't offer it from the beginning." She added.

"Force it is the actual word," the doctor stared blankly at her lunch. All this time, she'd been avoided any kind of attachment to anybody. What she did was just for fun and nothing meant. She wasn't sure about the idea of let Jennie-who was practically stranger to her in into her messy life. She was lost in her own mind to realize her phone was ringing inside her lab coat pocket.

Seulgi threw her fries, earned a deathful glare from Lisa.


"Your phone," she simply said. Lisa took out her cell phone as she noticed the familiar caller name on her screen. 

"Mom?" she greeted the older woman.

"Hey sweety. Take you long enough to answer, are you busy?" she asked.

"Umm... not really." She spoke hesitantly, she had this bad feeling regarding the phone call.

"Why? What's up?" She added.

"I just want you to know that half of Jennie's stuff will be deliver tonight, perhaps you could make home before seven?" Her mom asked.

"Why? I thought she'll move in tomorrow?" her unpleased tone went unnoticed by her mother.

"It'd make tomorrow less hectic, duh! Just be home early, okay? I wish we could help but your father business hasn't done yet. And honey, please don't make unreasonable excuse."


"Okay mom, I'll be home before seven. Happy?" Said Lisa.

"Very. Now go back to work and get it done. Bye sweety!" she hung up. 

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