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Tuesday 8 am

Seulgi: Hey irene

Bae: Hello

Seulgi: you know i still hate you

Bae: why ?what for?

Seulgi: For still not letting me know when you got back to korea.

Bae: Let it go bear, im already here.

Seulgi: idc

Bae: Fine.. what do you want me to do to earn your forgiveness?

Seulgi: How bout you help me with jennie?

Bae: Jennie who

Seulgi: The one who you encountered with yesterday.

Bae: Oh her..

Seulgi: Yeah.. shes known as the bad girl so be careful with her

Bae: Sure I can handle her.

Seulgi: Thanks I'd appreciate if you take care of jennie for me.

Bae: I thought that lisa girl is taking care of her?

Seulgi: She wont mind

Bae: Fine but i dont go to your school

Seulgi: You said you have a friend who goes to our school, just pretend that you're there for your friend.

Bae: Okay, but can i hang out with you though

Seulgi: Duh of course

Bae: Daebak!

Seulgi: Btw meet me later at 12 pm

Bae: Sure I'll be there

Seulgi: Dont be late

Bae: Yes mom

Tuesday 12 pm

Bae: Hey im here, where are you??

Seulgi: Wait me there for a minute, im on my way

Bae: Who's the late one now huh

Seulgi: Oh shut up

Bae: Not shutting up

Seulgi: Ok i wont make you

Bae: Make me what?

Seulgi: Nevermind
You're distracting me, Meet you there.

I sign as i put my phone back in my pocket, after waiting for a few minutes i saw seulgi walking.

"Dont be late" I mimicked.

"Where have you been? I've been looking everywhere for you and you're just beside this tree."


"Nevermind, lets just go." she said as she pulled my hand.

"Okay.."i mumbled as i got surprised by the sudden contact.

As we were walking i saw wendy on the way, so i hid behind the tree pulling seulgi with me.

"What ~"
"Shhh!" I shush her, making her scoff.

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