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"So like, what kind of comics do you fuck with?" Travis had been taking an eternity in Awsten's mind although he knew realistically, they had been in the shop for about half an hour. Awsten was under the impression that their venture to the comic book store would be a short one but he was sadly mistaken. "Like Batman? Spider man?" The purple haired boy thought that if he had a general concept of what Travis liked in the colorful cartoons, he could help him find something. If he found something, Awsten was under the impression that their trip would end faster. It was times like this where he wished he was more of a loser in high school. Awsten knew nothing about comics.

"I mostly focus on like action stuff with like superheroes. I love Batguy and Y-Women." Travis replied quickly, not taking his eyes off the cover in front of him. It was full of brightly colored cat girls but for some reason, he felt drawn to it. It was clear that he wasn't a part of the demographic that he assumed had to be preteen girls but he didn't care. He scooped the comic book into his hand and resumed his search. He wouldn't let himself get distracted any longer. He had come in for the latest issue of Super Seven and the fact Travis was leaving with yet another impulse purchase made him remember the state of his bank account. Being an adult was worse than he imagined it.

"I think I saw The Bright Day in high school." Awsten recalled a lot of intense action sequences and the tragic backstory of the superhero to be revealed. It wasn't his cup of tea by any means but he somehow sat through the entire movie. He ate an ungodly amount of popcorn and ended up with some of the kernels in his teeth. That had been the last time he ate what he now referred to as The Cursed Food. A lot of foods were cursed now. They reminded him of times that he would rather forget.

"Because I forced you, Jawn and Zakk to watch it with me." Travis recalled the event from when they were in high school. The four of them had been much different back then. Zakk's hair had been styled similar to Sid Vicious and he always wore the most worn down jean jacket. Even back then, Zakk was a cross between fearless and utterly idiotic. Jawn had downright looked like an irrelevant side character in a bad sitcom. The only think that made Jawn stand out was the incredibly ridiculous Naruto run he would do absolutely everywhere. Awsten's hair had been a mixture of blonde and brown yet somehow he still had an absurd amount of confidence. Not even his mouthful of braces that he often referred to as 'train-tracks across his face' made it an ounce lower. Travis was envious of his friends in a way. They all shared a lack of not caring about anything that he wished he had.

"Okay but that doesn't mean it was bad or anything!" Awsten exclaimed a little too loudly, earning them a dirty look from what Awsten could only assume was the owner of the shop. He shot a sheepish smile as a form of an apology. The owner responded with a scoff. Suddenly, he was glad that this was a place he didn't frequent. There was nothing that interested him anyway, with the exception of the person next to him. Awsten could only hope that Travis would finish his shopping soon. He knew that he could only pretend to take interest and look at comics for so long before he lost his mind. The one on one time with him almost made it worth it. Almost.

"You and Jawn made fun of the movie the entire time." Travis pointed out, recalling the two boys talking almost entirely through the superhero movie. He hadn't expected much out of his friends. It was clear that they all had contrasting interests even back then. Travis was convinced that in a weird way it was one of the things that had kept them together for so long. It didn't matter how long they were busy or would go without seeing each other; when the four of them were back together it was like no time had ever passed. It was something he was thankful for. His friends were one of the nicest parts of Travis' life. Even when they were talking through his favorite movie, they were still the best friends he could ask for.

"That doesn't mean it wasn't cool or anything!" Awsten defended quickly, although he recalled the opposite. It was slow moving and it couldn't keep his attention at all but he wasn't going to tell Travis that. The guy was his potential soulmate for crying out loud! He had to sell himself to one of his best friends like his life depended on it because in this case, it sort of did. He had to try and involve himself with the things Travis liked. It would help in his struggle to make Travis like him. He wasn't sure if trying to change himself to fit the ideals of others was necessarily the best thing to do but considering he was racing against the clock, he didn't have much of a choice. Who knew that getting engaged would be such a stressful thing to do? "I make fun of The Office all the time."

"Like when?" Travis inquired, turning to face Awsten this time. Awsten clambered to think of a time when he had disrespected one of the incredible comedic episodes of the show. Travis' answer never came. Instead, he was met with an intense silence between the two of them that hang heavy in the air. The only thing Travis could hear was a mixture of the cough from another comic book browser and an old classic rock sound playing in the store. "That's what I thought." He knew Awsten better than that. He watched The Office like it was the fucking bible. What Travis didn't know was that it was a show he only turned on when he was feeling depressed. That was a fact that remained a secret to everybody.

"I'm willing to give it another chance." Awsten was willing to try anything to make Travis like him. Out of all of the potential options he had, Travis seemed the most promising. Between his hot and cold ex-girlfriend, a girl who had shattered his heart into a thousand pieces in the last two days and one of his best friends, his choice was obvious. He was really interested in who the other seven potential soulmates were like. He panicked for a moment. Was that thought a clue that Travis wasn't for him? He brushed the thought aside. No matter how cool any of the other people would be, there was no way that they could be better than someone he had known since childhood.

"What's with the change of heart? Meet a cute girl who likes comic books?" Travis was unaware of Awsten's budding feelings for him. If that wasn't bad enough, he was completely clueless about what Awsten was going through. The change of heart was for him. It had to be. Travis made the most sense and he actually made Awsten happy; that was a miracle within itself. It wasn't the easiest thing to thing to cheer up someone like him. His bad moods tended to linger longer than they should and effect everyone else. Despite everything, Travis still liked him. All he could hope was that Travis would learn to love him.


After some careful thought, I've decided to allow some of the readers in this story to get involved. I'm holding a writing contest for this story. Not a writer? Don't worry. GOC will have a minimum of two other contests with different prizes. Speaking of prizes, the winner of this contest will be able to insert anyone of their choice into a supporting role of this story.  That's great and all but you're probably wondering what you're supposed to be writing about.

I want you to write about how the way you think GOC should end. It doesn't matter what pairing it ends with (write Awsten and Chloe if you want!), how you want it to end (You might be rooting for Gawsten but see Awsten ending up with someone like Ciara!), anything goes. I have not one but two endings already planned. One will be a bonus chapter. If anyone can guess and write that, I will award them a character added into the story as well.

-All entries must be a minimum of 1000 words (The longer the better!)
-All entries must follow the prompt provided (How do you think GOC will end?)
-All entries are due on June 5th 2019
-I must be tagged in the entry (I gotta read it somehow!)
-The entry can be posted on any site (If it's not on wattpad, link me! I'd love to read it on AO3 or anywhere else!

1st Place:
-A character added into the story. It can be yourself, an original character of yours or a band member/public figure that isn't already featured in GOC. This character will be in multiple chapters of the book as a reoccurring side character.
-A one-shot written of your choice (Minimum 2K) featuring any pairing. The one-shot will be dedicated to you. I'll even make it smut if you want.
-A shout out in one of the chapters of GOC along with a link to your entry.
-A link to a fic of your choice posted in one of the chapters of GOC.

2nd Place:
-A one-shot written of your choice (Minimum 2K) featuring any pairing. The one-shot will be dedicated to you. I'll even make it smut if you want.
-A shout out in one of the chapters of GOC along with a link to your entry.
-A link to a fic of your choice posted in one of the chapters of GOC.

3rd Place:
-A shout out in one of the chapters of GOC along with a link to your entry.
-A link to a fic of your choice posted in one of the chapters of GOC.

Good luck to everyone participating. If this fails, I'm gonna be really bummed out. Don't do me dirty like that. Write something super cool.


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