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Jungkook wakes up to the loud sound of his alarm. He groans at the annoying ringing, immediately moving to shut it off.

"What the fuck?" he whispers, looking around the room and then down to his phone, checking the time. 3:31 PM.

Ugh, gross.

He gets up from his bed, rubbing tiredly at his eyes. Did he really want to get up and go to Jimin's for a stupid ass project that was worth literally 75% of his grade? No. But did he have to? Yeah,
or else he's going to fail the entire semester and never make it into college, and no one really wants that, if he has to be honest.

Jungkook groans loudly, running a hand through his now tangled hair. He hated this, it was absolutely worse than getting up in the mornings for first period.

Absolutely worse.

The bunny boy stands up from his bed, allowing himself to stretch out his muscles and body really quick before he's walking over to his underwear drawer and pulling out some red, random boxers. Usually, he goes with panties because they're soft and make him feel very pretty, but he just wants to be comfortable for now,
and so a loose pair of boxers would do just fine in this situation.

He moves over to his closet and grabs a big hoodie that originally belonged to his roommate, humming gladly.

Jungkook grabs his big, fluffy towel, slips on his slippers, and walks out of his bedroom and straight into the bathroom.


Once Jungkook gets out of the shower, he dries himself quickly then slips on his boxers and the hoodie, throwing his clothes into his side of the split dirty clothes hamper.

He puts his towel to dry on the door before he walks out of the bathroom, shivering as he's hit with sudden cold air.

As he passes Taehyung's room, he hears soft music and singing coming from the elder's room so he stops in front of it, wondering if Taehyung had already been home before he got back. Jungkook knocks lightly, hoping the elder was alone right now.

Just a few seconds later, the door is being opened and out comes a shirtless Taehyung, gray sweats hanging dangerously low on his waist, showing off his slight v-line.

Taehyung smirks when he sees Jungkook in only his hoodie. The elder leans against the door frame, crossing his arms.

"What's up, bun?" Taehyung asks, deep voice causing Jungkook to shiver again. Taehyung notices the little action and chuckles at the younger.

"Hey," the elder says with another chuckle. "You cold, love?"

Jungkook shakes his head, giving his roommate a reassuring smile. "N-no. Just wanted to let you know I'm going to J-Jimin's in a bit. I'll be back later."

Taehyung nods as he stares at Jungkook, waiting for him to explain. Jungkook only realizes it after Taehyung lifts his eyebrows expectantly.

"F-for a project for Conjuration," explains the younger, earning a hum from the elder, who then uncrosses his arms and moves to stand up straight again.

"Okay." Taehyung smiles at him, watching as the boy stares down at his slippers with a frown. "Have fun then, bun."

Jungkook looks up and nods quickly, getting a tiny laugh from Taehyung once more. The younger blushes at that, and shyly runs back to his room to get ready.

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