Chapter 12

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"I have to go get my sister from the airport," Tom explained as he began to leave the room. Chris stopped him, standing in front of the doorway.

"Tom, the airport is 30 minutes away," he spoke quickly. It was almost like he didn't want him to leave. Younger Tom had jumped off the bed, running to Chris, practically jumping on his feet.

"Can I go? I wanna go," his entire body was shaking. Chris glanced at him, looking at Tom before putting his eyes back on the jumping teenager in front of him.

"Thomas, when was the last time your dad gave you your medicine?" Tom raised an eyebrow as he looked at Younger Tom. His entire body looked like it was twitching, he was moving his fingers repeatedly, rocking back and fourth on his feet.

"I stopped taking it, I ran out," the youngest explained quickly, looking everywhere but either of the men's faces.

"Does your dad know?" Tom was utterly confused, the kid showed obvious, severe signs of ADHD, but he didn't understand why Chris was making it into such a big deal. Plenty of his patients could cope with the disorder without medication, himself included.

Younger Tom nodded, changing the subject as he finally looked at Tom, "can I go with you Uncle Tom? Please?"

Tom looked at Chris, who nodded silently, before looking back at him with a smile. "Yeah bud, we'll stop for ice cream on the way back. That sound good?" Younger Tom jumped up with a huge smile.

"I'll wait in the car!" He exclaimed as he ran out of the room and apartment.

"I'm going to fucking kill Robert," Chris' face turned blood red as he stormed to his closet. Scarlett had entered the room, standing where Chris previously was.

"Chris can you please calm down," tom practically ran to him, putting his hands on his shoulders. Chris pushed him off as he pulled a duffle bag out of the closet.

"No Tom I can't fucking calm down! He has fucking tourettes, without his fucking medication, his muscles will tense up and it will be extremely painful for him!" He yelled in Tom's face. He could feel a few tears sting his eyes, but brushed them off. He had learned quickly, his least favorite thing in the world was to see Chris angry.

"Tom, baby, go now. Take the kid out for ice cream, sugar free. He won't be able to move for a few days," Scarlett said softly as she walked to the Brit. She gently placed her hands on his shoulders and whispered in his ear. "I'll calm him down, go get your sister and go to your place. We'll be over later, okay?"

Tom nodded gently, but glanced back at Chris, who was pulling something out of the bag. Scarlett had pushed him out of the room before he could see what it was.

Tom slowly walked to his car, seeing it was already on and Younger Tom was listening to the radio. He took a deep breath before opening the door, climbing in. Younger Tom turned to him and smiled, rubbing his right eye.

"Are you ready for a trip?" Tom smiled brightly as he put his seat belt on, giving a small hint for him to do so as well. Younger tom nodded frantically as he put the belt on.

"I want to pick the music," he chirped.


Tom tried to keep a close eye on Younger Tom as they drove. His 'twitches' kept getting worse. His right foot kept kicking, and he repeatedly kept rubbing his right eye. After years of being a neurosurgeon, Tom could conclude that it definitely effected the right side of his body, the left not even a small twitch. He was most thankful that there were no verbal tics, as those were emotionally draining most of the time.

As they pulled into the large parking lot of the airport, Tom reached out to turn the radio off, which Younger Tom had whined over.

"Come on bud, my sister has been waiting over an hour for me. I told her you were coming, she's very excited," Tom looked at the youngest with a smile. He smiled back and jumped out of the car as soon as it was put into park.

"Is your sister nice?" Younger Tom asked as they made their way to the entrance. He kept his right hand on his eye, obviously trying to hide the continuous twitch that it was effected by.

"She's the nicest person on the planet," Tom paused, stopping in his tracks and gabbing his arm. "Bud, let me see your eye," he said calmly. Younger Tom slowly moved his hand as his eye squinted repeatedly, it red from irritation of the hand coming to contact with it for so long.

"I-its fine Uncle Tom. A bug must've flew into it or something," he chuckled nervously, but the small twitch he had on his mouth then foot didn't help him any.

"Chris told me why you take medication honey," he muttered, watching his eye closely. The kid was obviously excited, as he noticed it got worse.

"It'll stop soon, dad says I have the best me-medication possible for it," his mouth had twitched mid sentence, messing with his speech. Tom was going to reply, but before he could do so a female voice broke the conversation.

"Tommy!" Alyssa squealed, running to Tom as she pulled her luggage behind her. Tom glanced at Younger Tom before quickly turning around and hugging his sister. She ignored the disgusting stares she had received from everyone as she practically picked him up in excitement.

"I missed you so much," he mumbled.

Her previously messy, long, silver hair was now back to it's normal tiny curls and was lying on her back. Her makeup was definitely tidied up during the plane ride, but it still looked good.

"I'm Tom!" Younger Tom chirped and reached his hand out for her to shake, his mouth twitching slightly. He began to bounce on his feet again. 

"Oh my goodness, you're the most adorable thing I've ever met!" She squealed and pulled him into a hug instead. Tom rolled his eyes and reached over to grab her luggage.

"I like your hair, it's very pretty," Younger Tom giggled quietly as he pulled away. Alyssa smiled and flipped the long locks over her shoulder.

"You're such a cute gentleman, Tommy he reminds me of you as a kid," she looked at her younger brother and smiled. He scoffed and began to walk, both of them following him.

"He's much more energetic," Tom looked at him and smiled. Younger Tom's eye twitched and he quickly played it off and rubbed it.

"I'm calm Uncle Tom!" He eclaimed, a slight pout on his lips. They walked into the parking lot, to Tom's car.

"Okay okay, do you want ice cream or not?"


Disappointed I'm not dead yet? Too bad xD. I moved out of the place this story is based on, but don't worry, I am not ending it! I just needed to take a break and get my head straight. After many MANY attempts and throwbacks, I am a month and a half sober from all of the things I did while I was there. It has been very emotionally draining.

Also, in case you were wondering, this is what Younger Tom looks like in this story. Tom is 15 in that photo, I believe so. He's so adorable!

 He's so adorable!

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