【23. ʀᴇsᴜʀʀᴇᴄᴛɪɴɢ ᴘɪᴇᴛʀᴏ】

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Freya and Loki looked around at the city then Freya saw Clint run off "Clint

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Freya and Loki looked around at the city then Freya saw Clint run off "Clint." Freya said then she noticed a small boy and watched with Loki as Clint picked the small boy up, suddenly they heard a noise and saw the Quinjet starting to shoot "no!" Freya yelled going to run towards them but Loki held her back but they saw a blue stream go past infront of Clint and the boy before watching Pietro fall to the ground "Pietro!" Loki and Freya yelled, the two ran over towards him as Clint checked his pulse Steve arrived and they went back to the boat, Clint laid down on some chairs as Pietro was laid on the ground "it's been a long day." Clint said as Freya kneeled beside Pietro, she placed her hand on his chest where his heart was "Freya, he's gone." Loki said but Freya shook her head "no, there's...there's something you don't know, about my powers. You don't know all of them. I can...I might be able to save him." Freya said then the whole city started go down. The two watched before Vision arrived on the jet with Wanda "Freya." Wanda said hugging her as she cried, Freya hugged Wanda back as they went inside the helicarrier as Tony and Thor blew up the city.


Pietro was carried into the helicarrier and everyone looked at him "he's gone." Steve said "no, there's still a chance. As long as his body and blood are still warm then I....I can resurrect him." Freya said making Wanda look at her in hope "really?" Wanda asked making Freya nod "I've done it once before, it's not a complicated process. He needs to be laid flat and I'll be able to do it." Freya said trying not to let a tear spill "Freya, the last time you did it. You went into a coma." Nick said "because I didn't know how to control the amount of energy I used, but I do now. Nick, it's the best chance Wanda has at getting her brother back." Freya said Nick nodded "take him to the medical room, she can do it in there." Nick said Steve, Freya, Wanda and Loki headed to the the medical room where Pietro was laid down on a medical bed "how does it work?" Wanda asked "watch." Freya said she held her hand on Pietro's heart and closed her eyes, a golden magic started to appear and it travelled through Pietro's body to the bullet wounds healing them, reversing their effect befotr the energy went to the heart and suddenly Pietro drew drew a sharp breath as his eyes snapped open.

Freya removed her hand as Pietro sat up looking around "what happened?" Pietro asked "we won." Freya said suddenly Pietro was wrapped in a hug from Wanda who was crying "never do that to me again." Wanda said through her sobs as Pietro got off the medical table and hugged her back, the four left the room and saw Steve who had been watching through the window "impressive, remind me who to ask if I'm ever on the verge of death." Steve joked before walking away "Freya, on the city...you said something about adopting me and Pietro. Did you mean that?" Wanda asked Loki smiled placing his arm around "not just her. We want to adopt you together, we're getting our marriage back on track and well...you need a home." Loki said looking at them "only if you want us to give you a home." Freya said the two wrapped Loki and Freya in a big hug "thank you." Pietro said as Freya and Loki hugged them back.


Freya was back at her house with Loki, Wanda and Pietro. They had some bags with their things in them "this is where you've been hiding all these years?" Loki asked looking around making Freya nod "yeah. Yeah, Nick helped set this up. It's near to the hospital so I could visit Peggy, it's not mine anymore though. It's ours." Freya said Pietro and Wanda looked around both hesitant "guys, you can touch things. We've adopted you. You don't have to be hesitant anymore." Freya said making Wanda and Pietro smile before they ran over and hugged they two adults again, Loki looked at Freya who smiled at him as they hugged their new little family.

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