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It was cold in the car but I still felt the heat rush to my cheeks. Why does he keep calling me that?

I waited for about an hour and then I saw six figures coming towards the car. The door slid open and the Micheal hopped in the drivers seat holding his gun in his left hand and Gold was holding someone and shoved her in the seat next to me. Since he closed the door behind him, I assumed Matt went in one of the other cars.

The woman was grunting and mumbling something over the grey tape over her mouth. She had snow-white skin, light blue eyes and thick dark eyebrows that were neatly done. Her ear-length jet-black hair was pastured all over her cheeks from the rain and under the grey tape.

I've never seen a person so close to me in a state like this. She was not begging for help or scared. Under the tape, I could make out some curses so I assumed she was angry, not sad or scared.

When she finally stopped grunting and mumbling, Gold began to speak in her ear.
"Shut the fuck up, bitch. Wait till you see what I have saved for you. You will pay for what you did. I promise I will take revenge for my beautiful daughter. I promise."

Post Malone has a daughter? Since when?

He sat at the furthest back and pulled her beside him.
I just watched, afraid of being hit or cussed at for talking.

"Farah, I think you should duck ,"Micheal said while turning on the engine.

I took his advice and hid behind his seat, on the floor. I saw Gold ducking and taking the woman down with her.

Shots fired at the outer shell of the van. It was bullet proof and I was thankful for that. I looked up to see Micheal shooting back, one hand on the steering wheel and the other, aiming the gun at the guards. I covered my ears and brought my coat closer to me. there were screams I heard and people running for their lives.

The floor shook under me so I assumed we were driving over rough terrain. Once the van moved smoothly under me, I sat back on my seat. Gold sat up straight again and pulled the woman with him.

"Farah, do you wanna come up front?" Micheal asked. I took his offer and sat next to him.

Not a minute later, the once glossy, strong built building blew up and smoke filled the air. glass shattered around us as we drove away. I looked back through the mirror and then at Micheal who kept his eyes on the road ahead.

"We'll drop off Farah first then go back to my place," Gold called from the back.

The woman stayed silent for the rest of the ride and I looked out the window most of the time. I thought about how many lives were just lost in that explosion. Micheal held my hand in his as he drove, as if he knew what I was feeling. I was angry and scared. How could he do that?


She was angry at me. I could feel it. I knew I should've told her but then she would never agree on doing it.

We pulled up in front of the big house that we picked up Farah from. It was nearly 1 am and i assumed the livelihood in the house did not die out as all the windows were beaming with light and shadows of the guests inside.

"I should get going now."Farah sighed and fixed her hijab in place. Her soft round face was glowing under the streetlight above us.

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