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"Good morning, baby" Harry hears as soon as he wakes up, and feels a soft kiss against his cheek.

He smiles, dimples popping out. "Morning, Lou," he mumurs.

"I missed you," Louis admits.

"While you were sleeping?" Louis asks, opening his eyes.

"Yes," Louis blushes, then leans down, and whispers "but you were in my dreams."

"Ew, Louis. Shut up," Harry giggles.

"Anygay! I woke you up for two reasons. One, the boys are coming over tonight, and two, it's almost night," Louis says, glancing at the clock which says three o'clock.

"What? How could I sleep in so late!" Harry asks, sitting up, and rubbing his eyes.

"You didn't come to bed until late, and you were tossing and turning most of the night. I don't think you got a good sleep," Louis says sitting next to Harry, and lowering the Omegas head on his shoulder, before he wraps his arm around his waist.

"I guess I didn't..." Harry mutters, all the overthinking is probably the reason why.

"Would you like breakfast, baby? Oh! And your mum left a note saying she wasn't going to be home tonight."

"Why?" Harry asks, slightly confused.

"I don't know, maybe she's found a man," Louis winks, whilst Harry makes fake gagging sounds. "So breakfast?" Harry smiles, and nods.

They both head downstairs, and Harry spots Winter in her portable cot.

"Hi, baby!" Harry coos, taking a few strides over to his girl.

He gently picks her up, and 0laces a gentle kiss on her forehead.

Louis smiles at the scene, before going into the kitchen and making Harry toast.

After the family had watched a few movies, and Winter had been put to bed, the doorbell rings.

Louis stands up, smiling at Harry. He walks out of the room, and answers the door. It's Niall, Liam, and Zayn. He gives them all a bro hug, and invites them in.

"Hey guys!" Harry says, smiling, as they walk into the room.

"Hey, Hazza! We brought beer!" Niall yells, struggling to hold the large box the cans are in. Whilst the other boys stand in the door way talking to Louis.

Harry swallows he can't drink alcohol, "Thats so ncie of you guys! I won't be drinking, though."

Harry regrets that as soon as he says it, Niall stares at him wide eyed, Liam and Zayn immediately stop talking to Louis and look at him with the same expression. And Louis. Louis just looks confused.

"You're pregnant?" Niall gasps, putting the box on the ground, with a loud bang, and running up to him, hugging him.

Louis mouths a 'what?' as Harry stands there, not hugging Niall back.

Harry loosens himself out of Niall's grip, "No guys! I'm not pregnant, I just can't get drunk, I have to be responsible for Winter."

A chorus of 'ohhhs' was heard, and Harry just rolls his eyes, laughing awkwardly.

This isn't a very good chapter.
It's more like a filler if anything.

I've had some people come to me, asking for spoilers. I am happy to give them out, as long as they're not put anywhere for people who don't want spoilers. :) x

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