Chapter 19

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Changbin had been quietly relaxing on his donut floatie, which he had managed to keep from the others for the entire time.

His eyes fluttered shut and he leant back, attempting to fall into a light sleep.

A small splash landed on his face and he angrily looked up to yell at whoever did it. No one seemed to be laughing or even looking at him.

"Weird" he thought. He looked around, trying to find the culprit. Still, no one was laughing at him or about to apologise.

He was about to lay his head back down when bubbles caught his eye. They were coming from underneath the floatie. He caught a glimpse of light green flashing around.


Those were the bathers that Felix were wearing.

"Surely he's not stuck!" Changbin thought, panic starting to rise in his chest.

Felix was starting to become more frantic by the second.

Changbin knew that he wasn't the greatest swimmer, but he had thought that Felix was pretty good, how had he gotten himself stuck?

"Hyunjin! Pass me the goggles!!" He screamed.

"What? Why?" Hyunjin asked, whipping his head around.

"Just fucking do it!"

Hyunjin flinched and threw the goggles over to Changbin. Throwing them on as quickly as possible, he looked down at Felix to make sure that he was still okay. Felix's thrashes were getting slower, and he thought he heard the faintest of chokes underneath the waves.

He jumped into the water and shoved the black floatie away from Felix, earning shouts of protest from the 7 boys.

"You guys were too fucking stupid to realise that Felix is drowning right underneath you!!" He said angrily.

He dived and grabbed Felix by the waist, just as the Australian boy went limp. He brought the boy to the surface as the boys realised what was going on. Seungmin screamed as he saw his best friend limp in Changbin's arms. Hyunjin wrapped his arms around Seungmin and started to comfort him. Seungmin was too worried to care, and Woojin almost slapped himself for smiling. "This is serious Woojin, stop it!" He told himself.

Changbin threw the goggles of his face and searched for the life guard. "Useless sons of-" He murmured. He was joined by Jisung and Jeongin, who helped him haul Felix into the side of the pool. Three life guards sprinted over and it seemed for Changbin as if the whole world slowed down. He placed the goggles on the edge of the pool and buried his face in his arms.

"If I had just seen him a minute sooner, he wouldn't have gone unconscious." He growled.

"It's not your fault, Bin-hyung." Jeongin comforted.

Changbin glanced longingly over to Felix, who, even in this horrible state, managed to look ethereal. Changbin let a tear slip out. What kind of a friend was he, not noticing Felix sooner??

One by one, the rest of the group swam over to them.

Woojin leaned over to Chan's ear. "Is Changbin... Crying?"

"Changbin never cries, of course no-" Chan stopped mid sentence as he saw Changbin's shoulders shake. "Oh my god.."

He swam over and put his arm around Changbin, who turned his face so Chan couldn't see him in this state.

"It's not your fault, man." He said soothingly.

"What if I hadn't seen him? What if I hadn't got there in time? What if-"

Chan shushed him with a finger. "Changbin, you saved him. None of us would have noticed. He might have died if it wasn't for you. No more 'what ifs' he's okay now, because of you."

Changbin sniffled and nodded. Trying to lighten the mood, Chan nudged him and said cheekily, "do you liiiiike him?" To which Changbin responded,

"I think so."


The lifeguards had been working for ten minutes, and other than a few coughs, Felix was still unconscious. By that time, the entire camp had noticed and had tried to get a glimpse of Felix. That is, until Changbin snapped at them to mind their own business.

An ambulance arrived, to the boys horror.

"What's going on??" Seungmin screeched.

A life guard looked over.

"We think he may have choked in his panic while he was underwater, we can't get him to wake up." He said.

"Will he be okay?" Changbin asked.

The lifeguard nodded. Sighing in relief, Changbin stuttered out "th-thank you, mr..."

"Lim." The lifeguard said and turned away.

The ambulance drove away with Felix in the back.

"Well he must have the worst luck in the world. The last day of camp? Thats harsh."

"Shut up, Minho."


Shit chapter, probably unrealistic but meh

Enjoy anyway 😊

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