Sneak Peek

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"And that, ladies and gentlemen is the pathetic secret of the so-called boy magnet of Strollfield university!", said a familiar voice as the whole crowd burst into laughter.

I stood shell-shocked, unable to move. Involuntarily, my eyes were filling with hot tears, but I used every ounce of my will power to blink them back. I refused to cry.

Time to buck up, Tina Lauren. Time to stand up for me, said a voice that was precious to me now - my inner voice.

I walked up to the stage and pulled out the cord off the projector and tossed it on the floor.

This is his house; I can't get too violent.

I spotted a glass of water on the table next to the stage. I took it and threw it on his face, "I can't believe I trusted you."

I stormed off from the party straight to my bike and rode off in a fury.

I am never going to trust anyone again!


Author's note: If you skipped this, no problem. It will repeat in a future chapter.

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