【19. sɪᴅᴇ ᴏғ ʟɪғᴇ】

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"I don't think it's that simple

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"I don't think it's that simple." Vision answered as he avoided Freya's gaze "well, it better get real simple real soon." Clint warned making Vision look at him before looking away again "I am on the side of life. Ultron isn't. He will end it all." Vision said just aimlessly trying to avoid everyone's gaze "what's he waiting for?" Tony asked "you." Vision answered simply, Freya crossed her arms over her chest "where?" Loki asked "Sokovia. He's got Nat there, too." Clint said then Bruce stepped forward toward Vision they were now all circling him "if we're wrong about you, if you're the monster that Ultron made you to be..." Bruce started looking straight at Vision "what will you do?" Vision asked unsure of if he was safe, Bruce didn't say anything so Vision started walking forward "I don't want to kill Ultron. He's unique and he's in pain. But that pain will roll over the Earth. So, he must be destroyed. Every form he's built, every trace of his presence on the net. We have to act now. And not one of us can do it without the others." Vision said turning to look at everyone. Everyone remained silent and Vision looked away "maybe I am a monster. I don't think I'd know if I were one. I'm not what you are, and not what you intended." Vision said turning around his back to everyone.

"So, there may be no way to make you trust me. But we need to go." Vision said taking Mjölnir and holding it out to Thor, it took him a few seconds to realise what Vision was doing before holding his hand up as Vision placed Mjölnir into it and walked away, everyone just looked at Thor confused and shocked "looks like you're not the only worthy one, brother." Loki said with a raised eyebrow at what Vision had done, Clint went to say something but then decided not to "right." Thor said starting to walk away "well done." Thor said to Tony as he patted his shoulder before walking off "three minutes. Get what you need." Steve said before they all walked off to get what they needed.


Freya was currently sorting out her suit and her weapons, she had very few weapons due to the fact that her Ice Manipulation was more powerful than anything "Freya." A voice said, she looked to see Wanda approaching her and Loki watched from the end of the corridor "I'm sorry about the mind games, it must've been horrible for you. Losing all those people...going through all that pain...I can't imagine what that feels like, as a mother to lose your child it must've been...pretty painful." Wanda said making Freya nod as she leaned against the wall "yeah, it was. You know, I wasn't always this strong or powerful. Wasn't born with white hair either. But when Axelia got killed the old me, the fragile weak me, she died. Someone else, however, survived. I remember once I was on a mission and Peggy said, if you stay there you'll die, do you know what I told her?" Freya asked making Wanda shake her head "I told her that I've already died once, it wouldn't matter if I died again. Soon Peggy and Howard became my best friends, I met other people along the way and now Nick is one of my friends that I trust. And it's very rare for me to trust someone." Wanda nodded listening to Freya's words intently "I trust you, Wanda." That made Wanda's eyes widen a bit.

"You trust me?" Wanda asked her voice was almost breaking "yes. I trust you and your brother, because I understand your pain. And your old desire for revenge. We're not so different." Freya said making Wanda smile, Freya stood up from against the wall and pulled Wanda into a hug; Wanda hugged back feeling happy. They finally ended the hug "hey, how old are you?" Freya asked "16 almost 17." Wanda answered making Freya's eyes widen "did you not go to school before you signed up?" Freya asked and Wanda just shook her head "with no parents and not much money we couldn't, so we signed up for experiments." Wanda answered, Freya pulled the teenager back into a hug and placed a small kiss on her temple which made Wanda smile, Freya noticed Loki talking and getting along with Pietro making her smile too. She ended the hug with Wanda "after this, you're going to school." Freya said the two let out little laughs "I'm joking." Freya said before the two walked off meeting up with Pietro and Loki. A few minutes later Loki took Freya to the side "the poor kids don't have parents." Loki said Freya nodded "I know." Freya said as she watched the two twins talk to each other "maybe we could adopt them." Freya looked at Loki and he had a small genuine smile on his face.

"Let's tell them after the war is over, okay?" Freya said making Loki nod and kiss her before they walked off "what were you two talking about?" Pietro asked "relationship problems, our marriage well it's uh....it's a long and very complicated story. I'll explain someday." Freya said to the two teenagers hoping that Wanda wasn't reading hers or Loki's mind because the surprise about adopting them would be ruined.

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