Dentist -Charlie

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"Come on Charlie you have got to go to the dentist" you yelled out to your husband. You knew he was doing this on purpose so he would miss his appointment. "Charlie can you just move faster" you asked him. "No i hate the dentist and this is stupid! I dont need fillings! Im perfectly fin-" you cut him off. "Your not fine! Your always complaining when you eat that your teeth hurt! We are going to the dentist and thats final, even if i have to drag you there myself" you shouted at him. "Fine" he said before getting into the passengers seat of the car. You decided to drive since Charlies teeth would hurt after the fillings. "When were finished can we go to mcdonalds" he asked you with puppy dog eyes. He knew you always gave in when he did the puppy dog eyes. "No we cant! When youve had your fillings you cant eat for 1h! And anyway your teeth will hurt to much to eat" you told him. Once you said it you covered up your mouth. Uou wasnt ment to tell him it hurts. "I knew it was going to hurt! Let me out" Charlie shouted as you parked the car in the parking lot. "Come on! Your 24! Kids that are 12 have it done and say it doesnt hurt" you told him. He just shook his head. "Do it for me..please" you begged him. He nodded his head and got out of the car. Once you were in there you signed in and waited. "Charlie Lenehan" the dentist called. You could tell he was scared so you gave him a hug. "Dont worry babe it will be over before you know it" you whispered to him before letting him go over to the dentist.

1hour later.

"Your all good to go Mr lenehan" you heard the dentist say. You stood up from your chair and walked over to Charlie. "Did it hurt" you asked hin quietly. "Yes it did! It was painful" he told you. All the way home all you heard was him tell you how painful it was. But atleast he got it done.

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