36: Grocery Stores and Money

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Scott was happily pushing the shopping cart down the isle as he talked to our toddler who sat in the cart  and played on my phone. I set in various items we decided we would need for the week, and smiled as my boys talked back and forth.
"Daddy!" Wesley chirped. "Can we get apples?"
"Sure we can," I handed him one as I grabbed a bag full and explained to Scott how our son started to grow an obsession over fruit.
"That's so fff- cute. That's so cute," Scott caught himself, chuckling when I did.
"Fff-cute!" Wesley repeated, nodding in approval. I smiled and ruffled his hair as we continued on our way through the store. We stopped by the frozen food section and I grabbed a few frozen pizzas and other frozen meals before deciding we were finished and should head home.
"What're we doing for lunch?" Scott asked, leaning against the cart and adjusting his tie. He had just finished a presentation in class so he was still clad in his suit and tie and stood out like a sore thumb as we ran errands. He looked beyond gorgeous, of course, but his suit clashed well against my yoga pants and hoodie.
"I was thinking we get Chipotle or something? I don't feel like cooking,"
"Sure, that works. I can run in and grab it, if we order it now?" I nodded and as I finished scanning our items through the self check out, Scott shook his head.
"How the hell do you look so cute scanning and bagging items?" I rolled my eyes and gently shoved his arm, earning a chuckle as he kissed my cheek and lifted the bags into the car for me. "What's the total?"
I glanced towards the machine and sighed when I saw the number had hit triple digits. Scott leaned over and rested his hand on my back as he read the screen, his eyebrows coming together when he saw the total.
"Dang.. alright, no worries."
"It's totally fine," Scott assured me, handing me his credit card and giving me a smile. "We can cover it, no worries."


I'd be a bold faced liar if I said I wasn't worried about our financial standing. I was out of work, Scott was working two jobs ontop of being a full time student and a full time father and the bills were finally starting the rake in.
Neither of us wanted to ask our parents for loans to help with the bills, but it ended up being our only option until Scott was able to graduate and find a job at a law firm. So, with the help of my parents and Scott's dad, we were able to cover bills for the next while until the baby was born and I was able to get back into work.
Scott thanked his father with a hug, promising him we'd return the money soon. Seth just shook his head and assured us that he was more than okay with us keeping the money and that he was just making up for lost time with Scott.
He explained how he still had access to the college fund they made for Scott, only to have Scott's brows come together in a frown.
"But mom said you ran off with it?"
Seth shook his head, "I didn't. I just took her off of the account because I knew she'd use it for drug money. I kept it under your name incase you needed help with school, but you got that scholarship so I decided it would be a good idea to store it away until you started a family."
"How much— how much is in it?"
"Fifty thousand," Scott's eyes widened and I nearly spat up my tea at that. Fifty thousand would easily cover all of our bills until Scott finished college. Hell, it would even allow Scott to quit one of his jobs and spend more time at home.
"Oh shit." Scott sat back. "You— you guys really saved up that much money for me?"
Seth nodded, "You're our son, Scott. You're such an incredible human being and we wanted to help you get the best in life."
"Thank you, I— I don't know what to say,"
"You don't have to say anything," Seth gave us a reassuring smile. "I just want to help. I'll withdrawal the money tomorrow and you'll have it by the end of the day. Sound good?"
We nodded.
"Thank you so much," I told him, standing and hugging him. "This helps us so much,"
"Don't thank me," Seth smiled, returning my hug before turning to Scott. "I'm just happy to see you boys happy,"
Scott nodded. "Thank you, Dad. It- it really means the world to us."


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