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The vampire camp he went to as a kid, was also the one he recommended to his grandson Dennis.

His Father Vlad had tried to do anything to make him a fearsome vampire. Unfortunately, Drac was not ready to become the legendary Dracula. Even though, Vlad was not fond of this camp, he prefers strict homeschooling over the funway of educating the young ones. Who would have known, that Drac thought of this as well with Mavis. Unlike his father, he taught his daughter all at the hotel. However, as a kid, Drac was excited for this to happen. He couldn't wait to get away from his father. The camp was something every little vampire was dreaming off, well, at least it used to be.

In his group, the house of the bats, he met his one and only friend at the time...little Drackmor. Like Drac he didn't like it at home. They both had so much in common, that they became friends immediately. After that, life at the camp was nothing but the best childhood memories in Dracula's undead life. The two were inseparable. Nothing was too difficult for them, not even the tower were they leaned to fly. No one expected this to end so soon. Once they left the camp and became teenagers, trouble seem to follow. Drac became the odd one in the group. During flights, he was always the one at the back. No one took him seriously and he was sick of it. Unlike Baron, he was the leading one, not caring for his old friends feelings. "Vampires don't have feelings!" is what he always said to Drac. While Drackmore became the popular one, Drac began to lose his friend more and more. To clear his head, he flew slower than usual. That one flight was the one that changed his way of living.

Another bat seem to have the same thought. It was just as slow and some how occupied with something else, that it didn't see the other one coming towards them.Dodging was impossible, they both fell to the floor like bricks. That is when Drac realized who he flew into. A beautiful young woman, with brown hair and blue eyes. He waited for her to look up. The minute they stared into each others eyes, the world stood still. Their eyes sparkled, while a smiled came to their lips. Once they were back on their feet, they were able to speak. Drac tried his best to compliment her, thankfully she took it as one. She introduced herself as Martha. In her group, she was just as odd as Dracula. The girls hated her because of her natural beauty. Martha had never seen it that way, but still, she coudn't do anything about it. Drac was pleased to have found someone, who understands and accepts him the way he is. It was only a matter of months, till they both got married. At this time, he lost contact to his old friend Drackmor. However, that is also the time he found new ones. In time, they were known as the Drac pack. Wayne and Frank's wives knew Martha and the rest followed soon after. During the years, he got his reputation as the Dracula everyone heard of. Also his friends were famous monsters later on.Drac's life couldn't be happier as Martha presented her large belly years later.

The count never expected to see his old friend again, but here he was, at his doorstep. Martha and Drac lived in a small castle before the idea of a hotel came up. The Baron was furious at the sight of his old friend and his wife. Drac wasn't aware that Martha was meant to marry Drackmor. Their parents had planned it on the day of their birth, Martha wasn't aware of this. However, in Baron's eyes, it was Drac's fault. It got worse as he caught a glimpse of baby Mavis. For this, he wanted revenge. He wants to make them suffer for all eternity. A few years later, an angry mob of villagers were surrounding the Dracula estate. Drac tried his best to talk to the villagers. At the end, he faced the consequences. Martha got killed, the house burned down and grief filled his heart. It all made him what he is now, an owner of a monster hotel and a caring father. With Jonny as Mavis husband, his anger towards humans seem to fade in time. He got what he wanted: a save place for his family. If there wasn't Baron to ruin it all. During the years, he climbed up to the position of head vampire. But even his thoughts of revenge got worse. He heard of Drac's hotel and of Martha's death. The monster hotel was the main thing he was waiting for, a good reason to destroy Dracula. That Mavis got married to a human and have a child together, makes it a whole lot worse. The council didn't want to take action, unless it becomes a major problem for all vampires and this...was definitelyone of them. The elders were skeptical at first. But by the time they heard that Drac was engaged to a human woman, they got concerned.

"And that is why I am worried" finished Drac.

I didn't interrupt him, not once. Most of the information about the council were written in those letters he recieved. His head fell into his hands, Drac had not a clue of what to do now, "I worked so hard to fufill this dream, to give Maivs a place to live and for everyone else to find peace." Out of reflex, I hugged him from behind. He didn't stop me, neither did he say anything. We stayed like this for a while, until hegrabbed my hand. "Thank you N/A for listening. I feel a lot better now."

"I am glad you do. Shall we get upstairs and see how everyone is doing?" I was pleased to see him smiling again. He touched my cheek tenderly, "I couldn't have said it better."

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