Part One - 08 - Allan

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"Log entry 705. Hammond Sylvain speaking. My surrogate daughter, Kala, and I, are the only souls left on R-607. I miraculously managed to survive this long, but now my body is failing me... Kala if you are listening - and I know you are, you were always too curious for your own good - those logs and recordings contain all the history of our expedition. The history of the 31 people that lived here, and yours. One day, when you are ready, I want you to destroy all of that history. The knowledge contained in those logs should not be brought out to the world. I think your existence is incredible; you are a gift to the universe. And you should remain the only gift. This planet should stay as it is, desolate and ignored."

Captain Allan Roy had to admit he hadn't seen it coming. Okay, if he was to be honest, he always felt that Kala was hiding a lot of potential. Oh, but in reality, he hadn't had a clue. He had not expected that. Bloody hell, was all that crossed his mind as the kid finished the Expansion Union soldiers, making quick work of them. Electricity was rising from her skin, and her hair seemed to glow.

Then she turned toward the crew, her eyes full of doubts and worry. "I'm sorry," she said.

It took him some seconds to register the events, and her words, but he managed it somehow. "Don't be." he breathed out.

He wasn't lying. She saved them. The way was clear for now, thanks to Kala, but for how long? They had to go now.

He turned to Hopper. "Hops, did you succeed at opening the door?" The young mechanic didn't move, his red eyes still on Kala. "Hopper!"

"Yes! Yes. I did it."

"Good job," Allan jumped on his feet. "Let's go get our pilot, and then see if the ship can still take us out of that damn warzone."

They all stood up slowly. The twins went immediately to Kala, cradled her in their arms like they have been doing for the past days. Somehow, the fact that she was a weapon of mass destruction didn't seem to faze them.

They all jumped in the water to reach the open door. War was still raging all around. The city forces were putting up a fight, but they were overwhelmed from the start. Allan and Memphis helped Moira to swim, her wounded leg slowing her movements. Hopper took care of Kala.

This floor was flooded, but the passageways leading to the cockpit were on the upper side of the ship. Without hesitation, Allan climbed.

Jessie hadn't moved. She was still laying on her back, legs and head in opposite directions, her long dark hair spread out around her. He ran to her and felt for a pulse. There. Kala had been right, the pilot was alive. He felt as if he had been holding his breath this whole time since he saw the Capricieuse being hit by a rocket in the sky. He shuddered. She is alive, she is alive...

Allan slowly took Jessie in his arms. She didn't wake up. The med bay was on the lower floors, and they would need to cross the water to get to it. There was no way she could make it underwater. He could do nothing about it right now. They needed to move.

The others were starting to appear around him. Their wristbands blinked and Hopper's voice echoed on the line: "I'm in the engine room, everything seems intact here."

Allan entrusted the unconscious Jessie to Lucas, then went to the controls panel. All the main functions seemed to be working.

"Can she fly?" asked Min-Hee.

"I'm not sure yet," he said, "I need to assess all the damages and possibilities."

He was frenetically working on it when Kala's small hand came to rest on his. She was cold, so cold, the destructive power that had been rising from her skin not so long ago was gone.

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