Blood moon

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2010, 14 years later.

"Nat, what do you mean I gotta go to a donut shop. With My suit? Tony Stark is gonna be there why? Oh well, I'll be there In... I'll just be there." I said forming a Portal to California, Part of my powers are teleportation from being Born a Mutant.. Over time I Got the hang of the power, they called me blood moon during my army days as The trail of bloody red fog left behind when I teleported hence blood moon.

"Oh, this is Moonpie?" Tony said as I walked in and sat right beside him. He had on his ironman suit, Natasha had on her suit and I had my red one.

"Natalie the second nice to meet you. uh, We can't shake hands." He said to me as I just rolled my crimson eyes.

"My Father, Talked about you way too much.. He thought you were gay way back when." He said as i cocked my head. He wasn't entirely wrong..

"Tony I want you to meet Agent Santiago, Blood Moon." Nick Fury said Introducing me.

"Why do they call you Blood Moon?" Tony Asked
I showed him a bit of the red magic from my hands.

"Why do they call you Blood Moon?" Tony AskedI showed him a bit of the red magic from my hands

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"Okay So, We Have a man in a Suit of iron... Uh, a Lady who's in a catsuit and a witch who's in the red version of the catsuit! Love the Band, we're like queen.. We need a John deacon." Tony was saying to which I just gave him a raised brow.

"I like her, aren't you like bulletproof?" He asked me to which I removed his arm with my mind.

"I have, increased metabolism and improved Homeostasis I also have Neuroelectric interfacing
Telekinesis and mental Manipulation, Energy Manipulation, Flight, ergokinesises, Energy Absorption and Reproduction,Teleportation, Increased Strength, Speed And agility, And an early warning system
I can heal myself and others and I was trained in the mystic arts for 60 years." I said to him scratching my neck.

"How old are You then??" He asked me.

"I'll be 90 in June," I said to him honestly.

"We are SHIELD shadows. Once we knew you were ill, I was tasked to you by Director Fury." Natasha Said to Tony.

"I Suggest you apologize," Tony said to Nat.

"You've been very busy. You made your girl your CEO, you're giving away all your stuff. You let your friend fly away with your suit. Now, if I didn't know better..."

"You don't know better. I didn't give it to him. He took it." Tony said to which I chuckled at.

"So let me get this straight alright, Your The iron man and you let your best friend stroll to your crib, kick your ass and steal your suit?" I asked him to which he rolled his eyes.

"Agent Romanoff is that possible?" I asked her.

"Well, according to Mr. Stark's database security guidelines, there are redundancies to prevent unauthorized usage." She said to which I just chuckled to.

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