hop in a train of shameless smut

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As in a title, im doing an smut

Cuase it has been loooong since i last time did it, and im really sorry

And idk what that is

And in future i hope i can do much more underated ships from this book such as jamilton, mulette, lams, burrens, burrcules (whoah) and many others.

Also, i wanna focus on lesbian shots as well so yeah :33

Without further adieu, lets start-

So yeah idk what this is exactly, bUT IT IS A SMOOTHIE

I...i got idea of gangbang or somth, where everyone wants John.

Tbh, i was listening Fuck You Beta, cuz I c a n

But nightcore ver, and bcground pic was from vid game/anime DRAMAtical murder

Which is basically full of yaoi

Uhm, so enjoy

Their hands circled his body.

He was laid on soft matress, hands handcuffed, ball gag in his mouth, blindfold over his eyes, plug in his hole, cock cage on his cock, spreader bar spreading his legs so wide.

Jesus, we all need holy water.

And then, all of hands were on him, touching him, teasing his parts to make him squirm.

Then, hands were gone.

He suddenly felt contact on his thigh.

His blood rushed hot as he realized it is riding crop.

"So who has been bad lately...??~" Alexander cooed, seductively.

John just made a muffled moan around gag, earning few laughs.

"Poor our Johnny boy~" James cooed, tracing finger at his stomache.

John gasped as he felt hot mouth on his neck, right below his ear, where he was mostly sensitive.

"But your gonna be our good boy...wont ya~?" Thomas coed, licked his cheek.

Then he felt shifting weight on bed, and two big hands keeping his legs up high.

"Hush baby, relax...." Hercules growled before he kissed his inner things, pushing plug deeper into him.

John wanted to beg, more and more.

He needed more, but it was never enough.

Then he felt warm tongue and lips over his caged cock.

Aaron's tongue on his head, Lafayette kissing the flesh which was revealed from cage.

All their mouths were busy, only Alexander watched him closely, dragging riding crop along with his skin.

It sent shivers to John's spine.

"So....Jacky...you were very bad boy...." Alex said hushedly, low.

Fuck, thanks for that cage from keeping him from coming.

Then Alexander breathed.

"Free him." He commanded as everyone quickly unbuckeld him from hand cuffs, cock cage, blindfold and spreader bar.

Then Alex got between.

John quickly sat up on his elbows, as Alexander spreaded his legs as much as he could.

Then he just pushed himself into,  put himself on punishing pace as John particully screamed, and fell down.

Alexander was missing a beat, sometimes on spot, sometimes completely missing it.

And John, being unholy whore he is, fucking enjoyed this.

But still it did not give him no release.

Then he felt a hand on his cock, jerking him off.


John's gay mind probably just brain farted, he was so close yet so far.

Jesus Christ, superstar (if any of you know that rock opera song, then just promise me that you can hear choir of how they sing it)

"ALEX!!" John was fucking done.

But then-

Everything stopped, Alexander stopped moving and just pulled out.

He panted, confused then he was flipped off harshly on his hands and knees.

Without a second, his asscheeks were spreaded, then he felt warm tongue on his asshole.


James smirked.

"We shall do so then."

And before he knew it, he was on his back again, more spreaded and without a trance, Thomas and Lafayyete pushed themselves in Johm, and they just were pounding himself as John was dying out there.

(My sis is listening X's 'changes' and im imagining John 'ohh baby i dont understand this, why must wr be changed' as he was constantly flipped on hand and knees xD, yeh ok i need some help)

Then in his mouth, there were two cocks pushed in his mouth, and John was gagging himself.

Then he felt two pair of lips on his cock.

He tried to look down and seen it how Aaron and James were sharing his cock.

Jesus, that was hot.

Well all i can say is that John cummed alot by that night and couldnt walk for three years.

The end

Boi hav i sinned

Me after this chapter:

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We all are children of Jesus.

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