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Sat in the taxi, she watched as her new home approached her over the horizon. Gotham City.

Giant skyscrapers protruded from the earth, reaching up towards the sky, each one of them frozen in a race to touch the clouds. They looked magnificent, great feats of engineering, glittering with thousands of tiny windows, as if they were each encrusted with millions of diamonds.

At their feet, were roads humming with life. People and cars the size of pinpricks, each so small, but all contributing to the moving mass that they were part of. The city was one living, breathing organism, that never slept, forever restless and loud.

To her it was a gigantic advertisement. So inviting, so huge, so magnificent. She had jumped at the chance to move to Gotham city, away from her parents who constantly suffocated her with their expectations. Now their words were away from her neck and she could breathe.

With a degree in chemistry tucked into her belt she could finally start to find a job in psychopharmacology, her mind was buzzing with ideas just waiting to be let out. She knew that this city had the ability to give her just that. She could become a new person, respected, and liked, far away from the people she left behind.

The yellow vehicle was nearing the end of the bridge, the skysrapers were approaching at a faster speed. By now they were towering over her, giants suspended in one solid posisition.

Annabelle Lee expected great things from Gotham City.

How wrong she had been.


Ah yes, pre-warnings, got to love those. There will be violence, drugs, and sex references, but I mean if you've seen the films you wont have a problem with that (probably). If you have any suggestions on improvements or corrections feel free to point them out.

This will be based in the Dark Knight trilogy as it is more popular, but there may be some old faces appearing later, keep an eye out.

Aside from that. Good Luck.


(please note that is an extremely small chapter compared to what I normally write)

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