Chapter 24

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His Sex Kitten:

Taking off his shirt and tie he picked up his phone, telling the person on the other end to hold all his calls and that he was not to be disturbed for the next hour

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Taking off his shirt and tie he picked up his phone, telling the person on the other end to hold all his calls and that he was not to be disturbed for the next hour. Putting his phone down he motioned with his finger for her to come closer. When she got close he picked her up and sat her down on his desk, pushing everything out of the way. His lips were kept busy on her neck as his fingers worked on undoing the buttons on her blouse. Once it was open he started kissing down her neck to the top of her breasts, he lowered her back down onto the desk. He hiked her skirt up and pulled down her panties. Sitting down in his chair he pushed her legs open and his mouth devoured her, making her squirm and moan. He was so hard and wanted them to come at the same time so he stopped, dropped his pants and lifting her legs up over his shoulders he began thrusting hard inside her. Her warmth tightened around his member and he couldn't hold back another second. They never made it to the sofa, instead, they satisfied their lust right on his desk.

They cleaned up afterwards and he couldn't stop smiling. He had always wondered what it would be like to have office sex and now he knew, it was amazing. Unlocking the door they ate the lunch but the coffee had gotten cold so he took out some bottles of water for them from the mini fridge.

With the work finished he took her with him when he made his rounds, making sure everything was running smoothly. With his arm around her waist, he introduced her to more of his staff as his girlfriend. He figured it was time they met her since he planned on making her his wife someday. They then went back up to the suite and he was glad that she was doing better, she wasn't as upset as she had been after coming back from the house of horrors.

Getting a phone call from Joe he tells her that he was coming over after supper, saying that he wanted to know if he could hang out for a while.

"Is he alright?" she asked as she started preparing dinner.

"He sounded a little down, said he had something to tell me. He has been off lately, I think maybe it has something to do with work."

She turned to look at him. "Oh God, I feel so bad, I've never asked him what he does for a living. I've been so wrapped up in you and my problems I didn't think to ask. What is it that he does for a living?"

"He's a financial adviser, he's really good at it but I think he's bored and might be looking for something else to do with his life. I once offered him a job as my hotel manager but he turned it down."

"Why don't you call him back and invite him to dinner, maybe you can cheer him up."

"You wouldn't mind?"

"Of course not, he's your friend."

"OK, I'll call him now."

An hour later Joe showed up, carrying a bouquet of flowers. He put his arms around her in a hug. "I'm so sorry for what happened to you, you never should have witnessed what you did," he said, releasing her. "I know this won't take away your pain but I got these flowers to help brighten up your day."

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