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    Nicki hadn't stopped being a little shit all day

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    Nicki hadn't stopped being a little shit all day. It was constant obnoxious remarks, poking fun at me in front of others when she could.

She managed to turn my group of friends against me too. I sat patiently through it all, acting embarrassed when necessary. Nicki wasn't going to get away with it this time.

By the end of dinner, we said our goodbyes with our friends. Kelly spilled one more teasing remark, earning apparent approval by Nicki. They were becoming better friends by the day, thank God.

I slid into the worn fabric seat of Nicki's truck, the air slightly stained with the scent of alcohol and pot from her last DJ gig. She shouted one last goodbye, and then hauled herself into the truck.

As the ignition kicked on, I could feel her gaze burn into me. I resisted the urge to turn and maul her; she needed to be punished first. I begged my head not to give in.

"Cupcake? I had a lot of fun today." Her hand skimmed the edge of my ripped jean shorts.

"I did too," I reply simply. Don't give in.

"Are you upset?" She asks, a tinge of worry etching her tone slightly.

"Of course not, can we get home babe?" I try to play it off, but she knows something isn't right. After a shrug to the corner of my eye, we're off to her apartment.

    I grab my bag from the truck bed and walk into the apartment quickly, heading straight for the bathroom.

"Bey, wait up!" Nicki calls out, trying to keep up with me. I turn and face her, catching her off guard.

"In five minutes, be on your bed with only your underwear on and nothing else," I order, staring directly into her warm brown eyes.

"I-uh yeah. Okay."

My feet turn swiftly and I shut the bathroom door behind me. I can hear her rustling in the kitchen, before her footsteps trail back to her bedroom.

I work on opening my bag and making quick work of changing. I had planned to let her have her way with me tonight, even picking out something special. But the tables turned, and this time I am going to have my way with her.

I strip my clothes off, and pull up the lacy dark blue underwear. Next, I pull on the matching see-through bra and garter belt. I dig around in my back to find the stockings, pulling them up my legs.

Looking in the mirror, I undo the braids and run my fingers lightly through my hair, leaving a gentle wave behind. With a final glance, I grab the ties and head to the bedroom.

Nicki is sitting in the middle of the bed with a grey thong on, complimenting her soft skin nicely. Her eyes bulge at the sight of me, mouth-hanging open slightly. I pull out the chair from her small desk and place it in the middle of the room, and motion to it.

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