Yes, I'm different, but he loves me. [Chapter Ten]

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<P>Stephen's P.O.V</P>

<P>It's been a month since the accident. I don't call it an accident though, who ever that bastard is, mean't to hit Ariane and Tylee. Tylee .... My poor little girl, she clung on to life for awhile, until 2 weeks ago. She left us. She was in a great deal of pain, but you couldn't tell because she was so good at hiding it. Whenever we would come to visit her, she would force herself to smile and laugh, no matter how painful it was. Eventually, all her started to fade, and that's when we knew it was her time. Rory and Ariane think that she was in pain, but not as much as she actually was, Tylee told me 3 days before she passed.</P>

<P>Flashback </P>

<P>" Tylee, stop tickling me !" Ariane giggled. We were visiting Tylee after school and she seemed to have this random burst of energy, it was great, but I could tell something was up. Ariane got up and walked over to me, wrapping her arms around my waste. "I'm gonna go to the snack machine, want anything ?" I shook my head, and pecked Ariane on the cheek. She walked out, and I turned to look at Tylee, who had a serious and sad look on her face. "What's up munchkin ?" I asked, walking towards Tylee and sitting on the edge of her bed. She sighed and I could see a tear trickle down her cheek, " Stephen, I don't feel good, I am always tired and I hurt all over. " I pulled her into a hug and let her cry into my chest. " I think I'm done, Stephen." She whispered, at that moment, she didn't sound like the little girl she was, she sounded like a teen, almost an adult. I was amazed at how the little 7 year old, wrapped in my arms, was accepting the fact that she was going to die. She was ready.</P>

<P>End of flashback.</P>

<P>I felt my eyes well up with tears, that little girl didn't deserve to die. Ariane started to stir, and kick violently. Nightmares again. She bolted up in bed with a high pitched scream. I wrapped her in my arms and she immediately relaxed. Breathing hard, she clung onto me, trying to calm down. She's been having nightmares since the "accident". She sighed and relaxed into my chest, her breathing returning to normal. "You ever going to tell me what these nightmares are about ?" I asked her silently. She tensed up, and I started to rub her hair back from her face. She relaxed again and sighed loudly. " I keep picturing the accident and Tylee getting hit. As soon as I get hit, my body aches, and I keep hearing Tylee's blood curdling yell. And it just keeps replaying in my head. The weird thing is, as soon as the person drives away, I get a glimpse of his face, but it's dark, you can't see all of his features. " She goes silent as I played the scene back in my head of my girl and her baby sister getting hit. As if she was reading my mind she grinds her teeth and replies, " If I ever, no it's not if, it;s when I find out who did this to her, I will kill the bastard, but first, I'm going to make him suffer, and that's a promise." Her voice was drenched with hate, and I knew right then, that she was serious and the hunt was on.</P>

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