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Zion and Gracie had
spent the whole night

Drinks were poured, laughs
were shared; overall, Zion
was starting to feel happy
that he ran into his bat
shit crazy ex again

After all, he wouldn't have met
Gracie if it wasn't for Octavia.

Everything was going great
until a very drunk Nick fumbled
over to them

"Zion heeeeyyy" He slurred,
he was rocking back and forth
and looked like he was going
to fall any second

"Nick, why did you get so
drunk for" Zion mumbled
irritated and stood up
and helped his friend
sit on a stool

"I'm not THAAATTT drunk"
he slurs again before breaking
out into a fit of giggles

"Sorry about him" Zion
says with a weary smile looking
at Gracie

She simply laughs before shaking
her head
"My friends are the exact same, no
judgement here" she laughed

As she said that, her phone begins
to ring.

"Hello? yeah I'm still in the club"
"Jordyn is what? You guys are where?
Wait I'm coming now"
she says before hanging up the phone

She stands up, puts on her fur jacket
and grabs her purse

"Hey, thanks for everything tonight"
she says smiling at Zion

"Nah I should be thanking you"
Zion laughs

She smiles at him before talking again,
"Listen I need to go but
thank you again for tonight"

"Wait can I at least get your
number?" Zion asks to which she

"If we run into each other again,
then I'll give you my number" she

She turns on her heel to leave
but Zion grabs her by her arm and
spins her around so that she was facing

Their faces were inches apart and
she could feel his hot minty breath
on her face

They stare at each other for what seems
like ages before Zion cups
her face with his hands and
leans in

She does the same and
they kiss for a while, neither
wanting to let go

Her body moulded into his
as he pulled her in tighter

She felt protected in
that moment, in that
moment she forgot about
her friends, her worries

she jut wanted to stay in
that moment with him

The sexual chemistry
between the two
was evident

But of course, like all
things, the kiss had to
come to an end.

They both pull away and
Zion smirks at Gracie

"Since you didn't give
me your number, I decided
to give you something you'd
remember me by" Zion says

"See you around baby" he winked
before letting go of her
and walking away

"Fuck" Gracie mutters
Breathlessly as she walked
him walk away

And in that moment, she found
herself praying that she ran into
Zion Kuwonu again.


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Whew, what would y'all do if
Zion kissed you like that?

I would just melt into the
floor honestly

But anyways!

I have such high hopes for this book
and I promise you, it will be
one of my best ones yet!

So far, what do you think of
The plot? I know a lot hasn't
happened in this chapter but
I promise, it gets juicer👀

Make sure to give me feedback on how
I can improve this or any of my other

Thank you!

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